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    Alex Smith

    Life long Niner fan here as well that's glad to see Smith gone and rather have Kap..
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    For Sale 100 hit 27oz Z2000 RI..

    No worries I hope u enjoy it..
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    For Sale 100 hit 27oz Z2000 RI..

    bat is sold..
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    For Sale 100 hit 27oz Z2000 RI..

    Great shape has R in end cap..$175 OBO as gift or u pay fees..if I'm high lmk
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    best metal bat?

    I have an two older bats a DeMarini Double Wall classic and a red F375 but hit great and not far behind composites.
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    Anyone have One of these collecting dust?

    Also have a C405 Demarini double wall classic laying around..
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    Anyone have One of these collecting dust?

    I have a great shape orange F375 in the closet some where if interested pm me...
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    hotter bat juice or legend

    Legend will be hotter faster and not last 1000 swings, Juice will be hotter after 1000 swings and last another 1000
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    Need Help moral dilemma

    Yep I would post a Buyer beware..
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    2014 Z2000 EL's QC # (USSSA)

    Yep mine is the same as well..
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    Wth? Z2000 ri el

    The world isn't what it used to be. Now a days it's all about personal gain, kill or be killed.
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    Oblique Pulled?

    It was I have never had an injury that kept me away. Played with a torn meniscus for 6 mths but this injury put me down for the count unable to play at all.
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    Wth? Z2000 ri el

    Why blame the seller rather blame the buyer because just like anything sold the market dictates the value.
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    Oblique Pulled?

    Had this happen to me during pre game warm up bp on a cold day. Felt three pops instant pain, couldn't swing a bat or throw. Sneezing was unbearable. Ended up being separated cartridge from 3 ribs. I was down a month before I even attempted bp again.
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    Red catty seems like its lost some pop?

    Yea does seem wierd that it has died. Gonna put some more bp on her to see if she'll open up again otherwise send here in for a Z while they are in stock.
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    Red catty seems like its lost some pop?

    Mine was opposite was hot out of wrapper couldnt keep the ball in the park with it but now seems like it needs some more swings on it. Has maybe 100 swings on it.
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    Red catty seems like its lost some pop?

    Anyone else felt like this happened to theirs? Bat started off great out of wrapper but now seems like its lost a step. May do better with some more bp just wondering if others experienced this too..
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    Technique question on cutting

    This is the video I use to re-time my swing when it gets out of whack, I try to get a downward swing through the ball like chopping a tree down...takes a lot of practice and you will hit a ton of ground balls until after awhile you start getting through the middle of the ball rather than on top.
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    BP bat................

    Nothing will out last an OG Catty in my opinion..But as an alternative to Easton not sure you will get thousands of swings out of them but the older reebok bats swing much like an Easton, can be had dirt cheap and are quite durable...
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    Starching an incrediball?

    I'm thinking if its a relaxed league that umps its own games and buying a crappy ball only to starch it? Then why not just agree on a better ball?