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  1. kkeezymb

    Bats for 44/375 Balls

    we use the same balls in our league and a guy on my team just gut a juggy and everybody is killing it
  2. kkeezymb

    USSSA PASO Wood Bat Toy Drive Tournament - Nov 22 & 23 - Paso Robles

    Nice. might have to try to get a team together for this
  3. kkeezymb

    san luis obispo

    They play in SLO at El Chorro park. its right across from camp san luis. there are also leagues in AG, Morro Bay, Atascadero and Paso
  4. kkeezymb


    The lady on the phone was super cool. i was asking to pay for them to fix it because i didn't want to play with a "modified" bat, and she offered to give me the one time deal without the receipt. I'll take it for sure. I told the dude who broke it in the first place to call and check with...
  5. kkeezymb

    Good to see somebody else from SLO

    Good to see somebody else from SLO
  6. kkeezymb

    Fake Tag Rule Question

    HAHAHAHA. Brilliant.
  7. kkeezymb


    i called easton they are giving me a one time deal of replacing it without a receipt. only problem is they are not giving me another Salvo, they are giving me an L6
  8. kkeezymb


    So bummed. I have a Salvo that has no endcap. I was playing in a league game and the team we were playing against had a guy cue shot his salvo and shattered the endcap. the owner of the bat didn't want it so i swooped on that thing thinking there can be a solution, other then tossing it in...
  9. kkeezymb

    For Sale 30oz Flex and Extended....clean, game ready, and pics inside!

    Straight BFM status right there
  10. kkeezymb

    For Sale/Trade 14 Eastons Syn+ OG Flex OG Salvo SY100W ST100H

    damn i wish i had some extra cash. i would love the salvo and the 27 ounce flex
  11. kkeezymb

    a quick scenario question

    WOW that is some serious BULL S#&T. Way to teach that kid that he can do something wrong and just get away with it. If I understand law correctly the parents are technically legally responsible until the child is 18 or has been legally emancipated. I can't stand people who don't take...
  12. kkeezymb

    how come the dunkers are no longer playing league in Atown? you guys just playing in paso?

    how come the dunkers are no longer playing league in Atown? you guys just playing in paso?
  13. kkeezymb

    Bat Collections 3

    That is one sexy ass collection
  14. kkeezymb

    For Trade 5 ASA bats for trade

    would you sell the flex?
  15. kkeezymb

    For Sale/Trade Scx3

    such an awesome bat. i wish mine didn't crack
  16. kkeezymb

    For Sale 27oz OG Easton Flex SCN3 $200

    are you willing to sell one of your ext's?
  17. kkeezymb

    For Sale 26oz OG Flex and 27oz B2

    what about the EXT3?
  18. kkeezymb

    Winning with class

    Very true that is definitely something i will be teaching my kids when they are old enough to play. My thing is why do grown men have to act like total douche bags when they are called out for pulling ***** moves then trying to blast middle at the pitcher and the 3rd basemen for being the...
  19. kkeezymb

    Winning with class

    you cant win them all and ive never claimed to be the greatest, all im saying is some people need to learn to win with class, if you can't do that it shows a lot about that persons character
  20. kkeezymb

    Winning with class

    Whats worse being a poor loser or a poor winner. In my opinion its the latter. If you cant win with class you have some serious problems.