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  1. Paul66


    Nope. It's in good shape and still has Asa 2004 visible.
  2. Paul66

    98 ultimate Weapon 1x

    I have a 29oz in really good shape. Never used in a game. Send me your e-mail and I'll send you pics.
  3. Paul66


    I have a red 26oz recoil max load. Let me know if you want pics and if you're interested.
  4. Paul66

    LTB old pst, f2 and ws23

    I have a F2 28oz. Let me know. Pm with your email if you want pics
  5. Paul66

    My weight loss has come to a stop... need advice

    I agree that you need a cheat day once a week. You're body is used to your current calorie intake so your metabolism has stabilized and will stay the same. If you introduce a cheat day once a week it will fire up your metabolism and this will be beneficial for the rest of the week. Keep up the...
  6. Paul66

    Best tasting protein powders

    MP combat cookies and cream:thumb:
  7. Paul66

    Bears vs lions-nov 10

    Not looking for free lol
  8. Paul66

    Bears vs lions-nov 10

    Going to Chicago nov 10 th weekend and wondering if someone has hookup for tickets(2). Thanks
  9. Paul66

    Rotator Cuff

    7 minute rotator cuff solution book
  10. Paul66

    Why no z2000 reviews in "bat review" section?

    Just wondering.
  11. Paul66

    Swinging for the fences

    Ever try an overlap grip? I would start out by hitting off a tee and compare your conventional swing with the overlap grip swing and see how much more distance you get. Takes some getting used to but will give you the extra distance. Great to see that you still want to improve your game. Good luck!
  12. Paul66

    hitting tire?

  13. Paul66

    any type 1 dieabetics on here or personal trainers

    Type 1 on insulin pump. How can I help you?
  14. Paul66

    Effective Appetite Suppresants?

    Thinking like Fro Joe, lots of water and prepare snacks like carrot sticks, celery sticks to fill you up between meals
  15. Paul66

    Paul66 - another Canadian who's GTG!!

    Kudos to you too! Bat got to me quick and am very pleased with transaction! Paul