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  1. MorganGrafixx

    Overthinking your swing...

    I am by no means a great striker of the ball, but I AM a good coach. What I tell my kids when they KNOW everything they need to be doing in the batter's box, but are over thinking it is to fill your head with a bunch of nonsense. Sing a song, do long division, replay a movie scene, think about...
  2. MorganGrafixx

    Jersey font...

    I'm a graphic designer looking for a font. [/IMG] Can anyone help me out with either the font file (for Mac) itself or a link to the font on a site. I've looked through and and I cant find it because they are user created fonts and the names the designers give them...
  3. MorganGrafixx

    SBFans Team GTFO.

    Man!!! Y'all need to hit me up next time you get together in GA! I would have been there in a heartbeat!
  4. MorganGrafixx

    Very gtg!!!
  5. MorganGrafixx

    Very gtg!!!

    Cliff notes: Dude got package from "SBF Give Back To The Military" event. Took a while to get there. Package arrives beat to heck. Dude was happy. See pics.
  6. MorganGrafixx

    Very gtg!!!

    Sorry in advance for the long post, but these 2 guys deserve it! I just wanted to give a HUGE thanks to Bigtodd15 for his donation to the "Give back to the Military" event that was recently put on by Longball28. Both these dudes have a lifetime membership in my GTG board bros list. It took...
  7. MorganGrafixx

    Hustle Rant...

    I'm the suck as far as HR hitting, but I am still faster than 95% of the rest of the dudes on the field. So my mindset at the plate is to hit the ball with a stupid amount of top spin to the 3B side and see if he's got the glove and arm to snag it and throw me out before I can get to first.
  8. MorganGrafixx

    I had an awesome game last night.

    You see what the OP did there? Just like a magician deviates your attention away from the important areas, the OP has psychologically drawn your focus away from the important question. How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?
  9. MorganGrafixx

    Sbf members give back to the military

    U-trip swing is simple. All you have to do is dance around the batter's box, twirl your bat and maybe a bat flip or two before each pitch and you should be fine!
  10. MorganGrafixx

    Sbf members give back to the military

    You're quite welcome man. Hope you get lots of use out of them!
  11. MorganGrafixx

    Redneck Local Pickup Tourneys

    Go to Stone Road. But make sure you bring your thick skin with you.
  12. MorganGrafixx

    Redneck Local Pickup Tourneys

    Nope....this guy MUST have played at Stone Road. Seriously, dudes were openly commenting on having cut sticks. I even mentioned to one of them, that I might be worried if they knew how to swing them.
  13. MorganGrafixx

    SS/3B what size glove and type web do you use

    3B is my home....always has been, always will be. Old glove = Louisville Slugger 13.5" closed back, basket weave web. New Glove = Louisville Slugger 13" closed back, basket weave web.
  14. MorganGrafixx

    Sweetest looking bat of all time

    ^this = /thread.
  15. MorganGrafixx

    Sweetest looking bat of all time

    I'm diggin' the Dimarini The One.12 (I think that's the one...all gloss white with matte white graphics. I'm a big fan of the clean and simple look.
  16. MorganGrafixx

    It was great while it lasted........

    It's a free pass to do any legal thing we so choose! Try walking a mile in my boots brother. One minute your laying in the sand with your cover over your face trying to get a few minutes sleep in this God-forsaken 110* heat before having to Oscar Mike again for what could be 10-20 klicks...
  17. MorganGrafixx

    It was great while it lasted........

    I have an idea! Next time this type of behavior goes on, just walk over to the other team's benches, say with a very diminutive and stern voice; "Excuse me everyone! I find your behavior and trash talk offensive and unacceptable! It stops RIGHT NOW!" It might not hurt to throw in an "Or ELSE!"...
  18. MorganGrafixx

    Softball suggestion for those still in school (or thinking of going back)

    The dress standard for a male tie states that the tip of the tie should extend to the middle point of the belt buckle. This is the Marine Corps dress standard....not sure how you damn civilians do things though.
  19. MorganGrafixx

    Friday Night One-Pitch July 15th!!

    Damn man...we might have to show up for this one!
  20. MorganGrafixx

    Finders Keepers?

    I'd fight 2 or 3 dudes for a Salvo.