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    LTB 2013 mercy and 2017 asa freak boarder battle

    Looking for a 25 or 26 in the mercy 26oz in the asa boarder battle
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    27oz OG ultra 2, no rattle or webbing, less than 700 hits
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    LTB ASA balls

    Looking to buy 7 dozen ASA balls 44 375
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    LTB 2 combat baseball bats

    Go Green ! LOL yeah baseball the kids need bats
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    LTB 2 combat baseball bats

    Just wondering if anyone has some good deals and can hook me up on 2 combat baseball bats one is a orange 33 -5 haven't decided on the other yet. Thank you
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    looking for quote on jerseys

    I'm looking to get 1 set of 10 jerseys with possible hats . 2 sets of at least 12 jersey w/ possible pants or shorts. And 1 set of 12 jerseys. 4 sets total. 3 different designs. Like pricing and turn around time ? Please
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    team uniforms

    Looking to get some pricing for new uniforms. Jerseys, pants/shorts, bat, bat pack or roller. Please send details and pricing thank you
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    LTB sinister batting gloves

    Morning bump still looking for gloves
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    For Sale klutch shorts size large

    Pm sent to ya
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    LTB sinister batting gloves

    Looking to buy some sister gloves 2xl, xl, and lg
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    LTB 26 or 27oz J3a

    Hey looking for 2 J3a 26 or 27oz! Might have some trades to offer if anyone is interested.
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    For Sale Jerseys and pants

    Are the pants black and red or pink ?
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    For Trade Oakley M-Frames for glove

    Sale Price?
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    LTB lime green jerseys

    Bump! Thanks bud I hope so too!
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    LTB lime green jerseys

    Any color lg jerseys?
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    LTB lime green jerseys

    Any large jerseys out there
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    LTB lime green jerseys

    Hey wondering if anyone has any lime green jerseys laying around don't care about names. Looking for 2xl and lg?
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    For Sale 8 Elite Full Custom Sum jerseys!!

    What number on xxl and lg?