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    Not mad or butthurt, but i am jealous!

    im pretty wife plays ball aswell so shes pretty understanding...asfar as work goes i usually start at 6am and im on my way home by 230pm....have 2 boys (7 and 9) and when they have practices the wife and i take turns during our game nights....if either of our boys have games our...
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    Sliding advice

    best advice i ever got for sliding after i scabbedup my knee....either dont slide or go headfirst....going headfirst gets you to the bag faster imo than going feet first...
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    Love boxing

    ledderman had bradley winning 1 round! LOL...unbelievable....arum walked over to bradley before the deciscion and bradley himself told him something like...i fought hard but i couldnt beat him..
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    In such a bad slump

    oh and by the way you know ive got a bunch of eastons waiting for you to manup and put down those worth sissy bats...LOL
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    In such a bad slump

    gotta learn to use the other 66.7% of the field....theres hits to be had out there...too many guys on the team trying to pull and endup going o'fer because they refuse to to go back up the middle or oppo...i say youre trying to jump on pitches way too early and catching them too late in your...
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    In such a bad slump

    since i play league with this bro i can honestly say your way too anxious....youre jumping at the ball and not giving it time to travel to you...thats why your catching soo much advice is to think about going up there and make an effort to use the whole scoot off the plate...
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    Bats in a dugout

    i showup with 2 scn2's to league...tourneys i showup with 3 or 4...imo its more logical than guys showing up with 4 different bats for 1 game....
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    Tee or pop up toss for training ?

    i disagree about not introducing bad habits....imo it doesnt allow you the time to properly coil, load, and stride.....
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    Deadbeat Teammates

    to be honest id be ashamed to show up and play knowing damn well that i didnt pay....obviously this doesnt count for getting picked up in the parking lot by teams that are short that night but you get the point...
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    Tee or pop up toss for training ?

    never used it but ive seen a few videos of guys using it and it just looks awkward as hell....for some reason it looks like everyone who used it looked rushed in their swing... i prefer live bp for obvious reasons but if im working alone id opt for the tee everytime...
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    Some Cage swings

    looks to me like you dont get enough of your rump into your swing....this causes your back foot to come up off the ground and lose your base....
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    Opinion on proper etiquette using another mans bat?

    i find his car and piss on the hood....when he looks at me funny id say.."relax bro, i do this my buddys mercedes all the time and he doesnt care...."
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    Opinion on proper etiquette using another mans bat?

    i dont mind guys swinging my bats but imo its an assumed courtesy to not throw my crap around....if they do they will no longer be welcomed to use my bats...however i do have a few that are just for me....scn2 og w/ a gazillion hits and close to going anytime and a flex that , well, i just dont...
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    Ball in California has come to this

    its become common place....i choose to play so i dont complain or whine.....comes down to making a choice....i would rather play against cheaters than not play at all...thats just my personal opinion...
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    You know your in trouble when......

    shows up and asks if he could borrow someones batting gloves.....
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    WTF is wrong with me!!!???

    i hate to be the one to say it but try thinking up the middle....
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    you should be ashamed....

    i dont give a damn if this person was giving it away for not going nowhere near oakland....period.
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    what nets are you guys using for BP?

    louisville slugger L screen....with #42 netting
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    Matt Kemp

    i agree with this statement but if i were picking a team hed be my 1st position player
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    When "The Boss" realizes...

    i guess im in the lucky wife plays and she has more bats than i do...the only down side is she bags on me when i have an off night and throws in her comments like..." what kinda swing is that?"..."really? youre gonna go up there with a $300 bat and hit a weak grounder back to the...