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    Best Demarini ever?

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    J Bands

    Sounds like a big bag full of gay
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    3 asa 1 utrip- all 27oz

    Zero hits ever happen on a juggie
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    Rain, Rain Go Away

    Only cool people play softball in the rain
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    LTB 25oz balance mikes or worth 2 piece

    Pics or it didn't happen.
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    For Sale NIB turf shoes Boombah and 3N2

    How smelly are your shoes
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    Best Demarini ever?

    Code word for my wang
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    Understriding (while batting)

    Because you're weak
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    Best Demarini ever?

    The one in my hand
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    2017 MLB season

    Cubs gonna win it all!!!
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    Freak 98

    Define power hitter?
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    Nanos in the cold?

    They suck
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    2017 Which 4 Bats to Have

    Hammer, cyclone, anything Combat, and the Easton redline
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    For Sale 26.5 Miken Mafia

    Gotta be the best Miken bat of all time then
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    Price Check Old Worths NIW Booger and NIW M7598

    Both 27 oz. don't have the serial right meow