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    Anarchy Warlock

    ^^^ This guy knows what he is talking about!!
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    Single wall metal ASA bat recommendations?

    Anderson Nanotek if your league will allow it and you can find one.
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    Which League is Better?

    Still in his Mom's basement!
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    LTB Metal Bats - TPS Air Attack or Grover MVP

    Does it need a ASA stamp?
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    Steele's Alien XLT

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    Price Check Steele's Alien 55 XLT

    Collector's Grade. A couple of minor scratches. Original Off the Front Grip. Thanks for your input.
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    Price Check ASA DC-41

    No question that it would fall on the high end. Thanks!
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    Price Check ASA DC-41

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    Price Check ASA DC-41

    Price check on 2017 ASA DC-41 26 Oz. Less than 50 hits w/52s. Clean & Pristine.
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    Metal Single Wall Bats

    Oh well....they suck as a website I guess. go to rules under softball
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    Metal Single Wall Bats

    Needs ASA stamp. Here is the link to the list. Would not download for me...
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    Whatcha got? 28oz would be ideal. Thanks
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    Metal Single Wall Bats

    Buddy is in a metal only singlewall league. Prefers 28 and 29oz bats. Let me know what you have along with model number so I can check the list. Thanks
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    Price Check Portent G3 NIW

    Thanks Guys....... Sold it for $90
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    Price Check PST 137 RB

    Thanks for the input....Sold it for $155
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    Price Check Portent G3 NIW

    PRICE CHECK !!!! Buried at the back of the rack NIW Combat Portent G3 ASA 27oz
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    Price Check PST 137 RB

    Short Shell 34/27 7 to 8 out of 10 Condition Thanks for your help.
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    2 questions

    Our league was still using 47/ was bombs away.
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    Anderson Trading Block

    PM sent....