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  1. mr.augie

    For Sale SOLD. RHT: Glovesmith USA, $200 is SOLD.

    Nice glove here ..GS doesn’t get enough love
  2. mr.augie

    For Sale/Trade Rawlings Pro Dept 12.75 ichiro

    Looks like a PRO443
  3. mr.augie

    For Sale Official 12.5" Wilson SBF Exclusive A2000 SP125 Fielding Glove Pre-Sale Thread

    [It'TE="milocoman, post: 18753410, member: 471"]What is consensus on the likes here? Does everyone like that it is orange tan throughout or do you like the new pattern? Why not do another SP125 with new superskin colors coming out? It's phenomenal.. great effort all around
  4. mr.augie

    2015 MLB Gloves

    I had one a couple of years ago & sold it on here.. there is a video in Dirty's YouTube archives of a relace on it.. it was an older model, a tad smaller & not as nice as the current version imo
  5. mr.augie

    Price Check - Mizuno Pro MIJ 12.75 North European Kip

    looks like the 17850 to me ..I'd say $200 - $225 in that condition
  6. mr.augie

    Best oil or conditioner?

    I like Franklin Dr. Glove's a lanolin foam I think, non-greasy & does the job
  7. mr.augie

    Code 55 leather, who sells them?

    I have a few pairs of shell cordovan boots ..they're expensive, but there's nothing like shell's great stuff
  8. mr.augie

    New Pickup.....Pro504

    you were correct, it's an SBF custom ..great glove either way
  9. mr.augie

    504 web questions

    haven't put a tape on it, but same as the other 504s I've had.. a hair under 12.5"
  10. mr.augie

    504 web questions

    yeah, that was me ..I have a pro dept. 504 w/ an I-web & pittards liner.. it's a great glove;
  11. mr.augie

    For Trade Rawlings pros27mtb LTTF pro1000 4prb

    nice glove.. always liked this model
  12. mr.augie

    Wilson.... Ughh!!

    that one was on the bay pretty recently for an arguably reasonable $400 ..probably would've been easy enough to black out Huff's name if you wanted to game it
  13. mr.augie

    Rawlings PRONP1225SL

    good info, thanks.. I'd like to try one of these, but I fear it'd be redundant with the 504
  14. mr.augie

    Rawlings PRONP1225SL

    do you recall if it taped out true to size?
  15. mr.augie

    Rawlings PRONP1225SL

    has anyone put a tape on one of these? from the pics that were posted a while back, it looked like it was closer to 12.75 with a shallow pocket
  16. mr.augie

    Mizuno 2gw-17850

    the A2K has an entirely different feel & if you like that feel, I wouldn't recommend straying from it ..the Mizuno is a drier leather with a velvety sort of feel vs. the more sleek, buttery smooth feel of an A2K ..personally, I think the 1799 & OT6 are better outfield patterns than either the...