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  1. brewcrew5

    GTG Jazzyc91

    I would like to say that Jazmin is a GTG seller! Great communication and fast shipping. Don’t hesitate to do business with her.
  2. brewcrew5

    For Sale Photoahop

    Any one have a copy of photoshop/ photo editing software for sale?
  3. brewcrew5

    For Sale Oakley Gascan

    Would you do $25 pp friends and family?
  4. brewcrew5

    For Sale Oakley Gascan

    Any major scratches on the lenses?
  5. brewcrew5

    LTB Turbo slot gloves

    My DD uses the Easton Fastpitch turbo slot gloves. Seems that turboslot no longer existence Looking for any turbo slot gloves in women’s large or I would say men’s small/med. Any leads would be appreciated!
  6. brewcrew5

    Short Film About Nokona

    Awesome video’ I live about 30-40 mins from there. I need to go check it out.
  7. brewcrew5

    For Sale Digital movie codes

    I will take Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Black panther Avengers infinity war Paypal please
  8. brewcrew5

    GTG Rous is the man

    Like always, Rous took care of my daughter’s glove. If you ever need work done on your glove, it worth you’re time to reach out to him.
  9. brewcrew5

    monsta FP torch?

    My daughter is swinging a 2017 33/23 model demo. The bat is very balance and has a small knob just like the Anderson bats did. The one she is swinging is not USSSA approved. The bat feels lighter than her 33/23 LXT and way lighter than her Rawlings Quattro. The ball jumps off the bat. It is...
  10. brewcrew5

    LTB Old fashion flip phone for AT&T

    Yes the flip phone still work on their network. I checked before I posted. Yes safety is the biggest concern her. She plays all high school sports and select softball. Plus have another daughter playing select volleyball and basket ball and a son playing multi sports as well makes it hard for...
  11. brewcrew5

    LTB Old fashion flip phone for AT&T

    Looking for a working AT&T flip phone. Daughter is messing up and I need to take her iPhone away.
  12. brewcrew5

    Help with finding a new fastpitch bat for my daughter.

    My DD had swung Xenos since they have been out. She even had the OneX before it busted. Now she loves the LXT line. She wants to try the PXT , but she a power hitter and swings a 34-10 as a freshman. She tried Demarini , but she claimed she couldnt feel if she hit the ball hard or not. She...
  13. brewcrew5

    For Sale 2 Nike Jordan T-shirts NWT size XXL

    Are they cotton or dri fit material ? Do they run big?
  14. brewcrew5


    Any updated reviews of the ghost?
  15. brewcrew5

    For Sale Team Combat Madison Shipman 33/23

    Is this a 2 piece or one piece? Do you atiibhave it?
  16. brewcrew5

    For Sale GoPro Hero4 & lynkspyder

    No Problem. If you change you mind, hit me up please.
  17. brewcrew5

    For Sale GoPro Hero4 & lynkspyder

    How much for the lynkspyder only ?
  18. brewcrew5

    Ringor spike

    Anyone have the hook up or a discount code for the ringor website?
  19. brewcrew5

    Ringor spike

    does anyone have an input if they run true to size? She wears a women's 9 in mizuno spikes.
  20. brewcrew5

    Mental approach

    DD hit a wall hitting. she had been destroying the ball the past 3 tourneys. This past weekend it seems that she forgot how to hit. Had no hip rotation or leg push. Said she was shaking at every at abat. I asked her if she was nervous or sick. She said no. We worked on the tee and soft toss in...