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  1. tjsully47

    Bat lengths

    I said 1/32nd because it was over 34 inches while most of my other Demarini's were under length which makes the difference between them more . It's not a big deal it was just a topic of conversation . It really shouldn't be that hard to make every bat exactly 34 though imo .
  2. tjsully47

    Bat lengths

    I always thought my Insane U was short and my J4 was long and It turned out to be right . I thought it was an optical illusion because of the end cap difference but it wasn't . J4 was a 1/32nd over 34 inches InsaneU was almost an 1/8th under J3A also 1/8th under OG Future 34 on the nose ...
  3. tjsully47

    J3A Reissue???

    The 28s and 30s were the j3u barrel cause they couldn't get those weights to pass ASA testing with the barrels used for the lighter weights . They were turds that were great for winter or hitting really hard balls
  4. tjsully47

    Best Balanced Demarini

    VX2U old paint new stamp by far
  5. tjsully47

    Is the DeMarini Windy City bat legal in regular USSSA games?

    Just saw the bat on there site yeah it's legal if it has the new stamp it's gtg .
  6. tjsully47

    Is the DeMarini Windy City bat legal in regular USSSA games?

    Is this an old bat ? If it doesn't have the 2013 new utrip stamp then yes it's illegal and won't be allowed .
  7. tjsully47

    For Sale 26oz Duece R/R

    I felt one of these and damn that EL was a surprise. It's like a DC-41 super max EL .
  8. tjsully47

    For Sale/Trade 2016 usa aftermath

    Maybe there is a "public" album setting
  9. tjsully47

    Easton Flex & Miken DC-41

    Both are gone
  10. tjsully47

    For Sale 16 DC-41

    Bat is sold
  11. tjsully47

    For Sale 16 DC-41
  12. tjsully47

    Easton Flex & Miken DC-41

    Flex is sold bump
  13. tjsully47

    For Sale 26oz Easton Flex U R/B/R
  14. tjsully47

    Easton Flex & Miken DC-41

    For Sale 26oz Easton Flex / SOLD FOR $150 shipped as friends and family via PayPal buyer adds fees as goods. / Returnable w/ receipt and barcode / Roughly 250 hits , has webbing and a little field wear . Not fully opened up . Weighs 26 3/4 with my grip I think it was 26 even with no grip...
  15. tjsully47


    All eastons that year had end cap issues It could be an end cap replacement with less endload in it .
  16. tjsully47

    Need honest reviews on a easton flex usssa thinking of getting one.

    I bought a 26 flex and got my buddy a 27 my 26 feels completely balanced and his 27 felt E loaded but not much wish I got the 27 personally . It's hot after some cuts but not mind blowing. I think the EL IS progressive if that matters but haven't felt a 28oz. If you're an Easton guy, get one...
  17. tjsully47

    2016 Limited Release Helmer Flex ASA & USSSA

    I have a 26 and it has no el at all completely balanced . I got my buddy a 27 and the el was noticeable . Actually wish I got a 27 . I also compared it to my buddy's 26 15 real tree which felt way more end loaded than the 26 flex so IMO yes it's progressive even though barrel doesn't say it .
  18. tjsully47

    For Sale 26oz Freak12

    If all the " spirals" we're going the same direction I'd say maybe your right but that line coming up from the K makes it a hard sell at that price . I say just swing it on the miken side till it's done cause it's gonna be a fun ride .
  19. tjsully47

    Price Check OG silver Insane 26.5

    Idk around 190-210 shipped