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  1. LightzOut

    3 asa 1 utrip- all 27oz

    send me some pics of the est. looking to buy
  2. LightzOut

    For Sale 29 BP softballs .52/300

    i'll take em
  3. LightzOut

    Or LTT for a OG freak black 27oz USSSA

    i have a monsta DNA 27oz or OG Freak 12 28oz lmk thanks
  4. LightzOut

    For Sale Multiple Demarini's - Juggy/Insane/Aftermath

    any interest in a bbam 27oz?
  5. LightzOut

    Minnesota 2015: Dead thread

    Hey I was wondering if any of you guys can tell me of any one day tourneys coming up in july/aug . Got a bunch of family guys who can't commit to full weekend tourneys. Sucks! but WTD. ASA, Utrip, NSA, ISA in the metro area...thanks for any help.
  6. LightzOut

    For Sale 27 oz freak black ASA

    28oz. Freak12?
  7. LightzOut

    For Sale/Trade 27oz BBAM

    pm sent!!!!!
  8. LightzOut

    For Sale/Trade EASTON 100 ASP 26oz Clean

  9. LightzOut

    LTB DNA 27oz stiff handle endload

    Thanks! I have trade bait as well.
  10. LightzOut

    For Sale/Trade EASTON 100 ASP 26oz Clean

    really would love to trade this for a 27 or 28oz bat. preferably asa
  11. LightzOut

    For Trade 28oz OG 100H

  12. LightzOut

    For Sale 2 DC41s and 1 Freak12 for sale only!!!

    pm sent..................
  13. LightzOut

    For Sale/Trade 27 oz Miken NRG 600

    Awesome old school bat
  14. LightzOut

    For Sale KF-30 Filby 27.5 ultramax

    Great bat bump!!!
  15. LightzOut

    Why do you playl this game?

    addicted to making my swing better and better.
  16. LightzOut

    For Sale/Trade EASTON 100 ASP 26oz Clean

    ttt.................still looking to trade!!
  17. LightzOut

    For Sale 28 oz 2011 Easton SSR4 Stealth Speed XL

    great guy to deal with. don't hesitate!! Nice bat!
  18. LightzOut

    For Sale/Trade EASTON 100 ASP 26oz Clean

    Up for grabs is a clean 100-200 hit asp not broke in yet but launches the ball already. just too light for my swing. OG buyer , but just sits in my bag. Sell price is $150 firm or trade for 28oz balanced or 27oz EL SCX3, SCN3, Freak Black, Aftermath usa or BBAM, Black Juggy , DNA, Ect...
  19. LightzOut

    For Sale/Trade six pack 4 ASA and 2 Utrip new stamps

    100ASP left!!! Real clean nice stick here just too light for me. Really looking for a hot ASA stick in 27 EL or 28 Balanced preferably a SCX3 Extended Or SCN3 Flex , DNA, usa Aftermath or bbam, black juggy, freak black, ect