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  1. Jen_16

    For Sale Rawlings Stickers for charity

    Leave it to you to chastise charity. Class continues to be something which evades you. Cheers.
  2. Jen_16

    For Sale Rawlings Stickers for charity

    Hopefully this isn’t isn’t a rules violation, but if it is, please remove it mods. Selling some Rawlings stickers today and tomorrow with all proceeds going to charity. If you’d like to contribute the cost is $5.50 for 1, with each additional costing $5. The initial fifty cents covers shipping...
  3. Jen_16

    For Sale Rawlings PRO302-6JBPRO and PROS303-4KB

    Absolutely beautiful gloves
  4. Jen_16

    Carpenter C-Mod

    I got to check out a couple at the Rawlings Glove Summit and they are pretty sweet. However, the price tag makes it not worthwhile. Cool and comfortable but so too are a lot of gloves that don’t cost $600 after mods.
  5. Jen_16

    Who wants to see a Pro Label OF model?

    They sold something similar retail years ago... That would be nice. And no, it can be anything they want it to be. I think they’re only requirements is that it’s unique and make for a good short run.
  6. Jen_16

    Who wants to see a Pro Label OF model?

    Personally, I’d love to see a HOH/PP hybrid in an OF pattern. Anyone else have any crazy thoughts about what one of these could look like?
  7. Jen_16

    Who wants to see a Pro Label OF model?

    We will never get *all* the options. One of the things pros love about the brand is that they can get things that the general public can’t. I think that’s the allure here- getting a chance to own some of those options people have been clamoring for. Of course we’d all rather pay for something...
  8. Jen_16

    Who wants to see a Pro Label OF model?

    Is anyone else hoping Rawlings drops a Pro Label for the OF/Softball gang?
  9. Jen_16

    For Sale Rawlings Pro Preferred 12 1/2 PROPL435JAK

    I love this pattern, very similar to Wilson’s Y/YBG/YP66
  10. Jen_16

    Rawlings Event

    I don't have time to read through the entire thread at the moment but I wanted to say that I see it and reply to a couple points I saw while browsing the first couple pages. I can assure you that it was a very productive weekend and that all were heard. If the summit could've gone on for a...
  11. Jen_16

    Finally back in to a Wilson!

    It was mine originally. Issue to Kearns while he was with the Reds.
  12. Jen_16

    Wilson A2K 1787 Pro Issue Price Check

    Cy I don't have time for your BS. It's a pro issue. I know a lot more about those than you do. Get over it. Just because you don't like an answer or being proven wrong doesn't mean that the truth was stretched. Good luck with your sale
  13. Jen_16

    Wilson A2K 1787 Pro Issue Price Check

    It's a PI, no question about it. Value is about $200-220 in this condition.
  14. Jen_16


    Lol, pro issue Wilsons were fun, but customizing pro dept Rawlings is more fun. Limitless options and impeccable quality. Proud to be Team Rawlings
  15. Jen_16

    small finger stalls

    No no no. If she's using and likes a 1799, just get the wilson sp1275. It's a 1799 with everything internally sized down for small hands. I have one, same quality just tighter.
  16. Jen_16

    Price Check: NWT A2000 EL3 OT

    Every year around Christmas Wilson clears out the previous years models. A2000 are usually $129+ shipping. If I were a fan of retail gloves I'd mark them every year.
  17. Jen_16

    Rawlings custom 3030

    Here is a 1799 vs 3030 with 12" softball I use mine strictly in the OF but a lot of guys point to the 1799 as a softball utility glove. If you're a fan of something 12.75+ this would work for you. If you prefer something that runs small this ain't it.
  18. Jen_16

    Rawlings custom 3030

    I ordered one as soon as it came available on the custom site. It's "the one" a Rawlings pattern worth of converting me. I like it so much I just ordered another today... Comes in at a full 13" and compares quite nicely to the Wilson 1799, which I'm a big fan of. Here's a pic I posted to IG when...
  19. Jen_16

    Price Check: NWT A2000 EL3 OT

    They were on Do they not offer international shipping? If they do keep your eyes peeled in the future