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  1. bd22_pub

    LTB BP Balls

    Where r u located? I have over 150+ Asa 44/375 11” worth green dots. Also have over 200+ ASA 52/300 worth hot dots and Dudley Sy’s
  2. bd22_pub

    Looking to buy softballs

    Where r u located
  3. bd22_pub

    LTB Womens 11” softballs

    Anyone have any 11” womens balls? Harder the better. Stamp and compression/cor don’t matter Thank you
  4. bd22_pub

    For Sale X-Rocks & Dudleys 44/375 Mix * SOLD *

    Gotta love the Thunder Advances, especially the OG ASA stamped. One of the best balls to hit back in the day *none for sale*
  5. bd22_pub

    For Sale EVIL BP Rockets * SOLD *

    Curious, what cor and compression are these? Thx
  6. bd22_pub

    This place used to be the bomb.

    Lol, easykid15 selling everyone the digital scales to “weigh bats”
  7. bd22_pub

    This place used to be the bomb.

    Looks like we’ve both been here since ‘05. Oooooh, how times have changed
  8. bd22_pub

    ASA older bats

    I have a few used 16oz mercy’s. 165-185 shipped
  9. bd22_pub

    Vietnam vs China Got Dot Extremes

    No it doesn’t address my question, but I like the information. Interesting !
  10. bd22_pub

    Vietnam vs China Got Dot Extremes

    I remember approximately 6–8 years ago there was a comparison video of the Gold Dot Extreme Vietnam ball compared to the Gold Dot Extreme China ball. Does anybody know where that video could be viewed at? I couldn’t remember if I seen it on here or on one of the fbook pages. If I remember...
  11. bd22_pub

    Softball Fans bat sleeves

    Who else still has their bat sleeves from softball fans & hardball fans? #OG
  12. bd22_pub

    LTB 26oz Monsta

    I was told it’s okay now ..
  13. bd22_pub

    LTB Monsta

    Maroon and yellow fallout 3500 handles Red special edition torches
  14. bd22_pub

    LTB 26oz Monsta

  15. bd22_pub

    LTB Monsta

    text me 517 617 Six248
  16. bd22_pub

    LTB Mercys

    I got ‘15’s
  17. bd22_pub

    LTB NIW KP23 usssa

    Looking to buy a KP 23 usssa 26oz. NR preferred. Lmk what you have.
  18. bd22_pub

    Softball Guide

    what are you asking?
  19. bd22_pub

    LTB 2020 kp23 usssa

    LTB 25 oz KP 23 may also consider 26 oz. newer the better. NR is fine too