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  1. davisrelacing

    Rawlings glove model

    I love the dark Timberglaze leather on my custom HOH. Good choice.
  2. davisrelacing

    Gloves that refuse….

    Great gloves. Not sure what was "refused" though??
  3. davisrelacing

    …. Thread is dead

    Feels like so many people these days just use gloves to gain social media likes or notoriety and don't really delve into the discussions like what use to take place here. Did social media help the community grow? Yeah, around 2015-2019. Just kinda backslid after that I feel like. The...
  4. davisrelacing

    Rawlings custom gloves

    Hard to beat black with scarlet logo patches.
  5. davisrelacing

    Glove color way

    I'm guessing that's Sandlot or Golden Brown. The inner core of Timberglaze is more of a deep gold color than this.
  6. davisrelacing

    Outfield Timberglaze

    My custom Timberglaze (Sept. 2017 build date) is of the dark variety, like jkwoody's. Very rich and oily leather. Used it lightly for a year, then refreshed it and stored it away. Definitely on the heavier side, even my 11.75" H web model. IMO the Timberglaze is Rawling's current premier...
  7. davisrelacing

    Thoughts on my planned father’s day purchase

    Ainsley's Dad I see SO many customs with spelling and capitalization errors in the embroidered text, it's not even funny anymore.
  8. davisrelacing

    PRICE CHECK - Limited Edition Horween + Wilson Pro Issue

    Compress the images using an online tool and then upload them. Usually reduces about 75% of image file size.
  9. davisrelacing

    GW gameday Vs pro steerhide

    Game Day is great! Like mentioned before, absolutely perfect for younger players all the way through high school. Softer leather that breaks in faster, but with the all-leather construction it will absolutely be much more durable than a comparably-priced R9, A1000, Gamer, etc. GW also uses...
  10. davisrelacing

    Hand Sewn Welting and Finger Hood?

    Jason Cooke @cookerelacing can add HSW. As for a finger hood, you're looking at a HUGE job: 1. unlace palm, heel, wrist 2. remove binding 3. separate inner and outer shells 4. use specialized narrow shoe patcher sewing machine to sew on hood up inside the finger stall 5. reglue inner and...
  11. davisrelacing

    Azure Gloveworks

    It is softer, but the internal materials and the all-leather/no-foam interior make the glove durable and hold its shape well. Plus, the glove is easier to break in and has a better on-the-hand feel than most other cheap customs.
  12. davisrelacing

    Azure Gloveworks

    My son "stole" this glove when he went to college two years ago. Notice a couple of things: 1. The blonde leather hasn't washed out or faded (like 44 Pro's leather). It has developed a patina. 2. The Azure blue accents haven't faded (like Wilson's tropical blue). 3. The color combo is flashy...
  13. davisrelacing

    Azure Gloveworks

    OMG yes. I made a custom like that. Great combo.
  14. davisrelacing

    Azure Gloveworks

    I had Azure blue, but I think it may have been a Game Day Series. I see that it is only in Pro Steerhide now. The one I had was slightly squeaky due to the way the leather is colored. Really vibrant and great color, like tropical blue from Wilson. One GWXDR customer had a Pro Steerhide that...
  15. davisrelacing

    After 100 games, my nokona edge X review.

    Thanks for the review. However, as far as aesthetics goes, there's never been an uglier or less refined looking glove in my opinion. Does the phrase "look good, play good" bear weight in any aspect here? 😊😊
  16. davisrelacing

    First Base Mitt with Good Palm Padding?

    I think that guy likes to exaggerate to make himself sound smarter than he is.
  17. davisrelacing

    First Base Mitt with Good Palm Padding?

    Good observation about those differences. I wonder when or why the fascination with the thumb to pinky close came around? My hand just doesn't close that way!
  18. davisrelacing

    What do we call this grip?

    Why are those Red Sox players so salty? Let's call it "anti-traditional grip, eff off"
  19. davisrelacing

    For Sale ATOMS Made in Japan

    The camel glove with black accents, 11.5", will be closest. Accomodates TIP perfectly due to the welting design.