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    Price check on Bats

    Thanks, anyone want any of them make an offer, if not will try Marketplace
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    Price check on Bats

    Worth Jeff Hall 454 26.5 oz - ASA- Very Good condition Louisville Slugger z2000 OG balanced 27 oz - USSSA 220 - Got it in trade, hits fire but has a small wobble Worth Jeff Hall Legit 27.5- - USSSA 220 - good condition bought used Louisville Slugger z2000 OG end load 27 oz - USSSA 220 - good...
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    Bat Wobble Question

    I bought a used z2000. If I hold the bat upright and shake the handle I can feel it wobble. If I grip it at the connection point, I can twist it every so slightly. I hit some BP with it and seems to hit like fire and I don't notice any performance degradation at all. I have a couple of...
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    USSSA - playing in leagues at different levels

    Are there any particular rules in USSSA mens slow pitch for a player playing the same season at multiple levels? For example, in local city can I play on E league one night and D another night? Or play in one city in C league and another city in E league?
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    How to tell in nonlinear?

    27 oz nonlinear bat
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    How to tell in nonlinear?

    The ASA team I play on is a bunch of cheapskates. So there are really not much to try and I am sure nothing nonlinear. I will probably just buy something used and give it a shot. The flipper had a rep as a mushball killer and good for 52 300, why I thought of nihilist. My understanding is...
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    How to tell in nonlinear?

    Which nonlinear bat, would you choose? I hit maybe 1 HR every third game in USSSA. I hit to right or RC regularly on purpose as well and shoot the gap. I a not overly particular about end load, probably a slight endload. The ASA league the coach tends to use the ball over and over and...
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    How to tell in nonlinear?

    Sorry, I'm unable to tell if you are serious or not All the youtube videos I have seen, even those with very high swing speeds show a nonlinear bat with higher exist velocity for the 52 / 300
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    How to tell in nonlinear?

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    How to tell in nonlinear?

    Dumb question, I will be playing ASA. I have not played ASA IN LIKE 15 years. I think from reading I want a non linear bat. Are all the approved ASA BATS nonlinear? I was gifted a Jeff Hall 454 Worth with modern ASA stamp. I think it is 2013 model. Is that nonlinear or are all of the...
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    Where did all the selling and buying go?

    Haven’t been in the mode for a new bat in a several years. I always checked here first but the buying is very slim. Did everyone go to eBay or Facebook marketplace? Could be me, but the whole site seems less used than say 5 years ago Looking for 1 ASA stick non linear for 52 ball. Also...
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    Comparable to z-2000 2014 balanced?

    I tried a 2014 balanced z-2000 tonight. I smoked it better than all the other bats. The bat obviously was well broken in, but I would like to buy one. I've searched around and didn't find a balanced one yet. I would like one 27 or 28 oz. I see 1000, 3000, 4000, Solo Z, Super Z. Are any of...
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    Another bat question

    I'm in a tournament coming up and have not played at all this year. I haven't played regularly in a while. I'm going to hit up the used section here, but wanted to get some suggestions. In the past, I've done fine with any bat, but none of mine have the new USSSA stamp. I used to hit a...
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    Any Should I have been called out (photo evidence)

    It's impossible to tell by the angle, but it look like it was on outside pitch and you moved your right foot over the inside line toward the plate.
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    Wish I knew about...

    I recently started using the Rage. That is a darn good bat as well.
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    ASA why are 99% of umpires dead set against learning what a 6' pitch looks like?

    The original posters whining or complaint has some validity. I only see a pitch called illegal if it is high or less than knee high. Many umpires in NTX seem to go more by where the ball lands than where it crossed the plate / batter. I personally don't care that much, I plan on swinging...
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    Techfire Rage

    I hit a Mizzuno Rage for the first time this summer. A friend just gave it to me because they didn't use it. This bat is way hotter than any post ABI bat. The bat is excellent for home runs, line drives, and power the other way. I hit one out to RCF with it. Don't waste money on a new...
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    Base Paths...why so close

    I personally think 5 or 10 feet more would be great. Yes, you can play a bit deeper on fast players this way. The infields in Texas are concrete covered by sand and gravel to tear you up. The hardness of the fields don't give you much range. Being able to play a few feet back would help...
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    Just bought a GSR 28 FL

    bump to see if I get an answer for
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    Just bought a GSR 28 FL

    I have a question for a combat expert. If I can hit the AV normally with no wind about 300 feet, with the same ball, how far would the GSR go? About 330? Has anyone ever compared the distance between UTrip and ASA combats? I'm sure they hit a bit further, but curious how much 1%, 2%...