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  1. Vizslahunter

    For Sale 31/23 easton xl1

    Too high
  2. Vizslahunter

    For Sale Maxum MAXSL110 Big Barrel 2 5/8" -10 Drop Super Buy

    These come with original Combat warranty?
  3. Vizslahunter

    For Trade looking for 25" big barrel bat

    Some places on the bay have the 25" Easton XL3. Great bat!
  4. Vizslahunter

    For Sale LTB Easton stealth coach pitch

    They can use them in Alabama travel ball? Holy ****!
  5. Vizslahunter

    For Sale LTB Easton stealth coach pitch

    Those bats are like gold. I have 2. Hit fungo with them to all ages. Ball jumps off the bat...takes little effort. We'll do home run derby with the coach pitch kids & they get to use the bat. Kids love it.
  6. Vizslahunter

    For Sale LTB Easton stealth coach pitch

    The original blue/white coach pitch bat with no stamp?
  7. Vizslahunter

    LTB Used A2000 quality catcher's mitt

    Bump.....still looking for a quality used catchers mitt
  8. Vizslahunter

    BDay Gift!

    Yea I dropped a hint. Morton had a 15% off coupon code. Glove is incredibly stiff.
  9. Vizslahunter

    BDay Gift!

    Wife bought me a new glove for my bday!
  10. Vizslahunter

    The Game - tri color hats

    Couple dads have huge heads...that's why we go with The Game. The XL fits a size 8 head pretty good. These other brands fit big heads ok?
  11. Vizslahunter

    The Game - tri color hats

    Anyone here able to order The Game tri color hat in black back, white front and red bill? Need the 5 size flex fit hat. No emboiderey or logos...just need the hats. It'd be an order of maybe 50-75 hats. We always order our hats from epicsports but they don't sell this particular color way. Thx!
  12. Vizslahunter

    Youth Gloves?

    Wilson A1K
  13. Vizslahunter

    LTB Used A2000 quality catcher's mitt

    Looking for a gently used catcher's mitt. A2000 quality, 32.5" or bigger
  14. Vizslahunter

    Glove Bros fan football round 4?

    Held a team meeting tonight. Players are pissed at my drafting ability & pre-game meal menu. Told Romo to quit being a little B and just throw TD passes.
  15. Vizslahunter

    Youth softball glove

    Much thanks guys for the advice. My son actually used both the LS mesh and youth Vinci's when he was younger. Both are great youth gloves...totally forgot about them as options.
  16. Vizslahunter

    Youth softball glove

    Need some help with a youth softball glove. Daughter is 7 yrs old. Plays baseball with the boys with an 11" glove. She's going to play softball this fall for the 1st time. Need some glove recommendations, sizes, etc for an all around glove. I'm fine with a "cheaper" glove that is easily broken...
  17. Vizslahunter

    LTB Youth softball glove

    7 yr old daughter plays baseball....uses an 11" glove. She's playing fall softball for the 1st time. LTB a broken in descent glove that is in the 11.5-12" range. Thx!
  18. Vizslahunter

    LTB A2000 catcher's mitt

    Left my A2000 mitt at the field....gone. I could cry. Looking to buy gently used and in good shape. 32.5 or 33.5 is fine. Thx.