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  1. phoenix26

    Demarini 30oz

    Both bats have been sold. Thank you to everyone who reached out with some well wishes. I truly appreciate it🙏
  2. phoenix26

    Demarini 30oz

  3. phoenix26

    Demarini 30oz

    Thinking $200 for the USA Aftermath shipped $140 for the OG green shipped A couple of you have sent me PMs already and now I’m putting this here. I will respond in order & as quickly as I can. Without going into a long story in detail I’m dealing with a couple of extremely tough real life...
  4. phoenix26

    Demarini 30oz

    Dug around & found 2 30oz Flippers OG green one with probably more field scratches than swings. One tournament. And a NIW Flipper Aftermath USA Haven’t play ASA/USA for ages so not sure if that older ASA stamp is still allowed? Sent from my iPhone
  5. phoenix26

    LTB Easton Senior Salvo

    Don’t know if you’re still looking for one but I was doing a little spring cleaning & found one. NIW 30oz
  6. phoenix26

    How many bats do you own?

    Unless you’re the CEO of Rawlings/Miken/Worth/Easton then I think SMOKE has everyone beat. Not sure of my exact count, but probably in the 150-200 range. Bats from every decade starting in the 80’s
  7. phoenix26

    Most durable senior bat

    This Helmer model is pretty durable. After a 4 year hiatus from softball I’ve started taking BP the last 3-4 months. Been going early Sunday mornings so the temps have ranged from 35°-55° when we start at 7:30am-8:00am BP balls are all 44/375 At home I’ve hit balls into the net with Evil BP...
  8. phoenix26

    LTB 2013 ASA Derby Boys 26 or 27

    This is the orange one, right? Have a 28oz
  9. phoenix26

    LTB Any 30oz bats around anymore?

    What specifically are you looking for?
  10. phoenix26

    For Sale Trump X-Rocks 44/375 *SOLD*

    Damn! Those are pearls. Too bad ASA doesn't use those anymore.
  11. phoenix26


    You know when it comes to bats, hats, shoes, T's rarely a matter of need:D
  12. phoenix26

    2020 miken ultra 2 Johnny Bailey

    Glad to see I'm not the only one who does this. I swear this method adds a little longevity to the life of the bat.
  13. phoenix26

    30oz USSSA

    I'd have to risk life & limb to get to it inside my catastrophe of a storage room, but, I think I have a NIW 30oz OG ST100H in there if I remember.
  14. phoenix26

    Bat Weights

    Sounds like you just have to try as many as you can till one feels right. For me, you can't go wrong with Adidas/Suncoast bats. OG Dudley's, if you can find them, are very good too. The latest model Miken Johnny Bailey has good reviews. I have a brand new one of those & a 12" Suncoast that I've...
  15. phoenix26

    re-issue JB

    How do you tell between them? Serial number? Are they different colors?
  16. phoenix26

    Some one please inform me . . .

    Maybe go with the hypothetical approach.:rolleyes: Like say, hypothetically, I had 10 OG Dudley Lightning 12" bats Five 27oz, three 28oz & two 29oz...what would be a fair price? I don't have that many anymore so don't blow up my inbox:D Several years ago they started the picture rule for...
  17. phoenix26

    BGF in 2020 Smokies Senior HR Derby

    Coming off pretty good with that JB Just had one delivered yesterday.
  18. phoenix26

    LTB X-Rock 44/375

    2nd vote for reggie44 Over the years I've bought over 100 X-Rocks from him I'd guess. Fair price and balls are always in excellent condition.
  19. phoenix26

    Official 2020 Last AB Thread

    Zero AB's here in CA (Bay Area) Just stumbled over a couple bats going into my room to get something. Not sure when/if an AB will come around here in 2020, but I'm just going to put myself down for social distancing a ball around 370' :D
  20. phoenix26

    LTB Looking to buy a durable 28oz bat for BP.

    One of the older Eastons would fit the bill. Something from 5-8 years ago.