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  1. superpimp12

    For Sale couple of easton st100 and z's

    Wow didn't know we could do that..what does it smell like?:smashfreakB::Flush:
  2. superpimp12

    For Sale 1st Batch Freak, OG ASA Z2K, Spike98, F98

    28oz OG Z2000 that weights 26oz? Hmmm sounds like someone removed the inner rings to make it a cheater bat:cool:
  3. superpimp12

    Secret Santa 2013 What did you get thread

    Dttruax hooked me up!!! Got some really cool stuff! My favorite was the local BBQ stuff I can't get in L.A.!! That's what makes SS awesome. We get to try snacks etc from other states you can't get in your area. Thank you Mr. Dttruax and may you and your family have a great Christmas!
  4. superpimp12

    socal bp thanksgiving morning. lakewood

    I will send my hologram to hit bombs for you all to witness while I eat turkey and eggs for breakfast:)
  5. superpimp12

    Secret Santa 2013 What did you get thread

    Yup it is me:) I was waiting to see if you liked it, if not i would have denied sending anything:) LOL Happy Holidays and enjoy the snow as i enjoy my convertible in Southern CA:)
  6. superpimp12

    Secret Santa 2013 What did you get thread

    Delivery My SS is scheduled to get his gifts today in MN:)
  7. superpimp12

    Secret Santa 2013 What did you get thread

    Wowzers!!! Someone way a good boy this year and ate all his veggies:) Santa knows who is naughty and nice, just like I can tell which women are naughty or bible thumping virgins:)
  8. superpimp12

    **All emails have been sent**

    Gifts on the way! Just ordered gifts last night for my SS. Lots of goodies coming to MN!!!
  9. superpimp12

    Happy Veterans day

    Us Black Op Snipers say "Uuuuuudead!" Lol
  10. superpimp12

    Best 1pc Worth with New Stamp

    Ok guys a friend is looking for a Utrip Worth 1pc with new stamp. What do you recommend for best performance?
  11. superpimp12

    guy asking $2k for miken ultra 1

    Bro that is a steal. Going rate is way higher... You need to do your research.
  12. superpimp12

    For Sale/Trade Wilson a2000 cjw gm

    Tttt Bump for a great glove! I have the exact glove and it's awesome:)
  13. superpimp12

    Secret Santa 2013 Signup Thread **SIGNUPS CLOSED**

    So have we gotten an email on who we got? It's getting close to the holidays boys and girls and I got a Black Card ready to go!
  14. superpimp12

    Ever hit this practice ball?

    I knew Lord7 could out hit Robo:biggthumpup: lol
  15. superpimp12

    Closest ASA bat to a OG utrip Z2k

    I totally agree with this. OG Z2000 Utrip EL is becoming my favorite bat of all time, I was excited that I could get the same bat feel in the ASA but man was I wrong! I hate ASA Z2000's. I went back to my old faithful OG Mizuno Crush...
  16. superpimp12

    PayPal Fee Calculator

    I Remember back when I joined this site in 2005 people actually tried to help eachother? Now this site has gone to sh*** because people care more about being cyber bullies than actually helping fellow softball brothers.
  17. superpimp12

    PayPal Fee Calculator

    It's 2.9% plus .30 scent processing fee according to PayPal so you have been overpaying. Email people to send you a refund:)
  18. superpimp12

    PayPal Fee Calculator

    This is softball related:) Plus lounge is where all the Megan's Law Offenders hangout:) lol
  19. superpimp12

    PayPal Fee Calculator

    Found this easy PayPal fee calculator. Plain and simple. Carry on!
  20. superpimp12

    Pro Stock or Stong Oil?

    This....I had a white custom GMP55 and I used Mizuno Strong Oil on it and it never stained or changed the color of the leather.