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    LTB Endloaded USSSA

    25.5 Worth CL22, all paperwork. 100ish hits. 150 shipped
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    LTB Worth.....

    I have a 25.5 CL22 first batch. Return, receipt, barcode. I am also in NY so PM me if interested.
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    LTB Aftermath's/J3/J4

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    For Sale Easton Retirement Sale

    Dang, I havent seen a st98 that clean in a long time!
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    LTB Aftermath's/J3/J4

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    Worth bats!!

    ASA or USSSA?
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    LTB 2013 Demarini Aftermath 27oz

    If OP passes, message me please.
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    LTB Aftermath's/J3/J4

    Not looking for a USA
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    LTB Aftermath's/J3/J4

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    LTB Aftermath's/J3/J4

    Didn't plan on it. Thanks for looking out tho.
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    LTB Aftermath's/J3/J4

    I am looking for one of the following in a 26 oz, 27 if it is in very good shape 2013 Aftermath (black and gold) 2015 Aftermath (black and red) 2013 J3 (no paint cracks) 2014 J4 (black w/silver writing, no paint cracks) Maybe look at a clean 454 Mutant (SB4MXA). Thanks in advance guys and gals.
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    LTB Asa bats

    What are you looking at price wise?
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    2014 flipper aftermath

    Pics aren't working
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    26 and 27 oz st100

    Pics aren't working....interested in either or both if they are not beat up
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    NIW Demarini 2015 Flipper Aftermath OG and USA

    Good luck on a response dan83. Had a running conversation with him about the OG's, sold them both to someone else, then told me he would do $200 on the USA and went silent since then.....
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    J3, 2013 Flipper OG, 2016 Flipper OG

    Is the J3 an OG?
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    looking for 2015 aftermath or sbf demarini

    You mean the black and gold aftermath??