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    Fundraising request for my son

    Bump this up, one last time..
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    Fundraising request for my son

    Yes, sir. Also, I ask that if you feel that this is a worthwhile donation, please share it on your social media platforms. The majority of young men and women playing basketball within the CAV's are from low income neighborhoods and families. I want Makiah and I to do our part to help...
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    Fundraising request for my son

    I don't normally ask for assistance on here, but my son's AAU basketball team isn't doing well in the fundraising department. He plays for the CAV's. Its an AAU youth basketball organization which has been around for close to 30 years. Please take a second to check out the gofundme link to read...
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    For Sale Goody buy in...Dodgers, Angels, Yankees, Giants

    Not to be the bearer of bad news, but I would think that these fall under the replica rule..
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    Current Events for LS

    LS is sold to Wilson Sporting Goods Here it is
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    full subs 30$ ea

    If you worked for, or owned, Microsoft; you wouldn't waste your time and energy to post negative information toward the products and policies of Apple. I'm not defending anyone. I don't care if 'cutandsew' fails in his/her business ventures. Regardless of who 'cutandsew' is; we need to hold...
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    full subs 30$ ea

    Why would you guys post insults, etc. in this thread? Show some professionalism. If you don't know what Vapor Apparel is; I suggest doing some research before insulting them. Most, if not all, of the people playing competitive softball have worn a decorated Vapor jersey. Why would that be...
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    Need jerseys for a baseball association (~175 jerseys)

    Are you looking for a manufacturer or do you need full design capability (access to artists, etc.), as well?
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    Custom 404m hat

    Under a quick glance, all of the above designs would be considered copyright infringement and not trademark infringement. Copyright infringement Trademark Infringement link to Atty. page for source info--
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    New Slow Pitch bats

    I'll play Devils Advocate.. Do you work for the new ABC? Every thread that you've started/posted in, refers to the new 2015 line of bats from Anderson.
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    Isagenix 30 day cleanse

    Have you seen any negative effects, yet? --significant strength loss (strength loss should be expected, as a result of weight loss, significant strength loss isn't) --significant cardio loss (harder to catch breath, etc.) --change in sleeping patterns (deeper sleep, less refreshing, etc.)...
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    Need Help Need help, sure this has been asked before....

    A person can give the "I've got my word and I've got my balls..and I don't break neither for nobody" speech until he/she is blue in the face. These two people couldn't agree on shipping terms. The customer should receive a full refund and both people can move on with life. I believe the...
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    Need Help Need help, sure this has been asked before....

    Is the above statement a standard action? We couldn't finalize the terms of our deal. In turn, I've posted a Buyer Beware thread to warn the other members of our inability to finalize the terms of our deal.
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    How do the pros do it?

    Regardless of how they got there or of their ability, it still makes me laugh when referring to any of these guys as a "professional slowpitch player".
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    2015 Anderson Slow and Fast Pitch bats

    What is the over/under on the length of time before we see the "new" ABC line offered at Walmart, Target, etc.?
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    Whats your on base percentage for the year?

    I haven't caused, or made, an out for close to 1 year. On that same note, I haven't played softball in close to a year..
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    who has demarini apparel ?

    I'd venture to say that both Wilson/Demarini and SBF have it..
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    LTB looking for Adult football equipment

    Any brand in particular? New? Used?
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    let's make things interesting

    This sounds like a covert way of saying "I want to take steroids, but I don't know where to get them. Can someone sell them to me?"