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  1. CougarHunter1B

    2020 Worth Krecher ASA Review

    I haven't swung worth in a few years but have a Krecher on order. Is this Worth's first stab at an ASA 25 oz model?
  2. CougarHunter1B

    Worth Apparel

    The official website has a few hats, a short sleeve, a long sleeve and a hoodie. Aside from that, it could be it.
  3. CougarHunter1B

    Legacy bat company

    hahaha. love this!
  4. CougarHunter1B

    Anarchy Blessed

    I'm a big Anarchy fan and collector but I tend to agree with this. Some of the names and graphics are a bit on the cheesy side.
  5. CougarHunter1B

    Removing name stitching from custom glove

    white leather, gold embroidery.
  6. CougarHunter1B

    Removing name stitching from custom glove

    Good to know. I might try the fabric marker route. Does anyone have experience trying that? Does it completely block it out?
  7. CougarHunter1B

    Removing name stitching from custom glove

    So, I ordered a custom glove that is still new/unused however I no longer want it. I would like to sell it but I know no one is going to want a glove with my name on it. Does anyone have experience or insight removing stitching? I took it to a local tailor shop who told me they can't remove it...
  8. CougarHunter1B

    ASA Balanced Bat

    Anarchy Blue Flip
  9. CougarHunter1B


    I ordered this bat today simply because I love the name of it. Anyone else here a fan of The Big Lebowski? :cool:
  10. CougarHunter1B

    For Sale 2020 D-Lab DeMarini Nihilist

    The Big Lebowski haha!
  11. CougarHunter1B

    Bat Tape

    If you're worried about $10 your focus should be somewhere other than softball.
  12. CougarHunter1B

    TPS is back.

    Haha. As well. Can you remind me what TPS stands for?
  13. CougarHunter1B

    Akadema pullover XL

    any chance this is still available?
  14. CougarHunter1B

    Baden Axe Avenge

    it's not a gimmick but it is a preference. I personally love the handle and find the hitting surface very responsive, a few of my teammates can'r quite get a feel for the handle. I have 3 in my bat collection. I don't game any of them but from time to time I bust out the blackout limited...
  15. CougarHunter1B

    2018 ASA Line?

    I need one of those! what are the specs?
  16. CougarHunter1B

    Northern VA - Looking to play

    Any luck with your search? Are you looking to play in Arlington or are you open to FAS?
  17. CougarHunter1B

    Price Check Anarchy American

    good points here. And it does seem to be the least popular albeit still a good performer. I was thinking $160 to $180, I went on the high side because i've seen a few people in search of these recently with few available for resale.
  18. CougarHunter1B

    ASA 1 piece

    Yep. 100 made. I grabbed one.
  19. CougarHunter1B

    FAS (Fairfax Northern VA) Player Needed!

    Hope your able to find some additional players. I play in FAS as well, have you notified the league office that you are in search of more players? They can often accommodate.