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  1. hitsone


    Wow, long time since I was on softball fans. Got a call from an x team mate wanting to know if there really was an end loaded advanced. I had seen one at HWSG on a ladies team. Tried to buy it but no. Long time ago now. And here is a post about one. Nothing since june 2020. presume it got sold...
  2. hitsone

    10 Tips to Being a better Slow Pitch Softball Pitcher

    great to read all this good advice again. Getting old, losing my expertize. A little arthritis in the wrist, irritating bat elbow (golf). enflamed delt really diminishes accuracy. Weather getting better I will work hard to get it back burt first BP was a disaster and I was the only pitcher who...
  3. hitsone

    Brace yourself for 2021 prices

    Bobby thanks for forewarning us. Guess our team fees fill go up a little. here in BC gas is $1.49.9 Litre. April 1 saw a new "sugar" tax Any beverage containing sugar will now face Provincial tax. Gotta pay for the cov vac somehow
  4. hitsone

    Hitting outside today

    Yay, found a local municipality where the park facilities (pools etc) were closed but the fields were open. Called the office, explained our intention to have BP using distancing,with wipes and rubber gloves. Got a tentative OK. Had a nice 2 hours taking some swings. My hitting was passible but...
  5. hitsone

    Why I DON’T miss softball

    Well, one of my irritations when I was coachng was any "star" player informing that we have more than 10 players that game and he is here to play the whole game, and he is not going to share playing time. Play me or lose me!
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    Hitting outside today

    Update. I called the parks board today. yes, all sport fields and facilities are closed. Noone allowed in. $500.00 fine. Guess I'll start another jigsaw
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    Cararact eye surgery

    Nothing to do in quarantine so I'll add a follow up, getting the long distance lens was a mistake. Yes, the vision is better, driving and sports etc but it is a real irritation dealing with reading glasses for the first time in 75 years. I did not realize all the little things that I would not...
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    Hitting outside today

    I envy those who can get out for some Tee work. Likewise here the parks parking lot's are locked. Do not enter tape and warning sgns advertisng all facilities are closed. Still some of us walk down and around for exercise. Diamonds unusable as the pre season maintenance was halted at park...
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    Look on clarification of a rule, if any in Coed Softball

    Wow, hope I never have this situation arise when I'm umping. Country, EA, and Rider all are correct. Missed batter must be appealed by the offensive team before another pitch, legal or illegal, or a walk or awarded base occurs. As the Auto out is a designated batter the male who got to 1 is safe...
  10. hitsone

    Official 2019 Last AB Thread

    2019 season was over at the bullhead tourney in Nov. Finished second but had a great bunch of guys and good chemistry all around. That is what makes playing team sports great. Last AB a 2 RBI off field single. unfortunately I injured my leg and sat for the final.....season was over.
  11. hitsone

    "New" stamp Utrip vs ASA bats: final verdict?

    Subjects like this make me glad I'm only a little old guy that hits singles. Irritates that I have to have different stamped bats for each of the leagues I play in.
  12. hitsone

    Need an opinion

    I would have to say that in a fun tourney with not much in the prize pkg my team would have let the game continue without the injured player also hurting his team by being an auto out. However if there was a good prize and it was an important tourney eg a qualifier, playoff, State etc I would...
  13. hitsone

    OG ultra 2 question

    Well, I still have my og that was the second one in my area. Within 3 months that was all that was in anyone's dugout, Ultra II's. After it got banned we used it as a BP bat. Have not used it in senior toureys for years but still take it as a spare. As Bobby said Bats last longer with old guys...
  14. hitsone

    Back at SBF

    Lot's of good memories, Lot of good info and some not so good. Had some good deals tho. Still enjoy the few visits I have so I know you will like your return. looking above I see you are right at home
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    Timeline Release for new USSSA Stamp

    As an umpire I hope all leagues will have a rule defining exactly what bats are allowed in that league. Santioned events have to adhere to Assoc standards but your dailey leagues can be more accepting or even more strict. Real pain when someone goes yard and the other team yells cheater without...
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    Am I an *******???

    As some of my players told me when they jumped ship to play for a better team in a tourney "noone's under contract here" Never turn down a chance to play for other teams when your team doesn't want to. Good way to meet players you may be able to grab in the future. My league team can't play...
  17. hitsone

    Canada rec scene ?

    If you are going to commute up from NY the biggest delay could be at any border crossing. Look into getting a nexus border pass, you can take the fat lane
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    I love old farts

    And the older we get the better and more frequent are the farts. being a catcher can be....uncomfortable
  19. hitsone

    Coed lineup help

    I have to agree with Blakcherry. sounds to me like there is little in the way of options for you. what's the ratio? 5-5? 6-4? 7-3? You will have your best women batters at the top, with south paws and spray hitters placed to advance the runners until you get to your males with your power hitter...
  20. hitsone

    First Base glove at other positions

    Stationary positions, where most of a players plays are waiting at a base for throws, 1st, catcher and pitcher are what "trappers" are designed for. Positions where a moving player has to get the ball out of his glove quickly should have a regular 3 or 4 finger glove, preferably shorter,eg 10"...