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  1. Dan Schneider

    First Base Mitts

    The Vinci BV100 or the TJ1952 are very nice options for 1B.
  2. Dan Schneider

    For Sale 27oz J3A

    C-DAWG25 is GTG!:cool:
  3. Dan Schneider

    LTB 2020 26oz miken KP23

    I like the weighting of the ASA/USA model.
  4. Dan Schneider


    They do not.
  5. Dan Schneider

    Tampa Jan 29-31

    Good luck brother!
  6. Dan Schneider

    2020 miken ultra 2 Johnny Bailey

    I heard it's actually a 13.75" or 14" barrel bat not a 12" barrel.
  7. Dan Schneider

    2020 miken ultra 2 Johnny Bailey

    What's your opinion on the Nifong?
  8. Dan Schneider

    2020 miken ultra 2 Johnny Bailey

    What type of balls are you using for BP?
  9. Dan Schneider

    2019 Adidas Melee 12 & 2017 Adidas Melee 2 12"

    Maybe, this will make using U-trip bats more relevant?
  10. Dan Schneider

    senior bats designed to hit specific balls?

    Wouldn't a U-trip bat be just as durable if not more than a senior bat?
  11. Dan Schneider

    Notable differences

    I tend to agree, especially with a 375 ball & the reflexes not as sharp from 15 years ago.:eek:
  12. Dan Schneider

    Notable differences

    Looking to do the same in the near future with the FHC league.
  13. Dan Schneider

    mesh glove break in

    I have a Vinci BMB-M model & the process I took for the break-in consisted of applying conditioner followed by working the glove over with a mallet & bending the leather of the glove every which way.
  14. Dan Schneider

    Suncoast Melee Max 12"

    It cracked at 500?
  15. Dan Schneider

    Suncoast Melee Max 12"

    How's the durability on this bat?
  16. Dan Schneider

    LTB Nike Shado Elite J/ Pro Edition N1

    Sent you an email
  17. Dan Schneider

    2020 miken ultra 2 Johnny Bailey

    How has the durability been on this bat?
  18. Dan Schneider

    Dudley Nifong

    Dave from Senior Softball Bat Reviews had very positive feedback on the Nifong, but did mention it does take time to break-in.
  19. Dan Schneider

    Dudley Nifong

    How does it compare in performance to the Red Knob & 2.0 12" EL?
  20. Dan Schneider

    Dudley Nifong

    Has anyone swung this model yet?