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  1. case2000

    Goodwill find

    Great find! I would also like to see a picture... Btw, has anyone been to *Sammy’s club recently to see the Rawlings leather goods? I would post some pics from our local club but I haven’t adjusted to life after photobucket
  2. case2000

    For Sale NWOT Nike Vapor 360 $95obo

    Paypal sent. I think I am one of the only members on here that actually likes these gloves....
  3. case2000

    Question about Nike Vapor web swap

    Bigjbowski16 could probably give you some details...but he didn't do the modified... Btw, I am pretty sure that George Springer was using a black Vapor in LF in last night's All Star Game. I used one in a tournament...
  4. case2000

    For Trade Nike MVP Select 12.5"

    Ok thanks - The MVP Edge was not that bad really. Had a snug hand stall. It was on clearance for either $29.99 or $34.99, I didn't pursue it... I imagine the MVP Select is a really nice glove for Nike.... GLW(pending)S
  5. case2000

    For Trade Nike MVP Select 12.5"

    The MVP Select is a higher end glove than the MVP Edge 12.5" correct? I saw the edge at marshalls today...
  6. case2000

    For Sale/Trade Nike Vapor 360

    Nice piece of Hyperfuse! I'm in the minority because I actually like these.....glws
  7. case2000

    LTB 12.5 infielders glove RHT

    Conversation started
  8. case2000

    LTB 12.75-13" Glove

    I have a Zett 13.25", Made in Japan. These particular gloves play a little small so this one measures right at 13". I still have the 12" Zett Zifect that I used in college. It's the "Zifect" series and the glove leather has been compared to the oiled horween. I would sell it (the 13.25") for...
  9. case2000

    Price Check: Rawlings SLCS Pro1000

    That is an absolute pearl !!! Could you upload a pic of the pinky and ring finger? Those pics were great but - I meant the inside of the ring and pinky finger....:D I wanted to see the Saint Louis Custom Shop stamp......
  10. case2000

    Price Check: Rawlings SLCS Pro1000

    That is an absolute pearl !!! Could you upload a pic of the pinky and ring finger?
  11. case2000

    For Sale Vapor 360

    0-1 for me (tjmaxx) but they did have the Nike Shado Edge 11.5" i web for $29.99..... They also had several youth franklin gloves.... FWIW, I like the Vapor. I bought one of these last year for $99. It is definitely different but it is a good baseball outfield glove and is ok for softball...
  12. case2000

    For Sale Wilson A2000 TF21 GOTM

    Seller's remorse? :rolleyes:
  13. case2000

    Best Glove Mallet: Oval-shaped or "Softball on a Stick"?

    I have three: Hot Glove baseball mallet, Mizuno mallet and a Maple & Walnut Mallet from a glove bro on the gloveworks forum.
  14. case2000

    For Sale FSO Rawlings PRO-6 12.5" & Spalding Pro Select 12.75"

    Last price drop - I haven't seen the 12.75" (RHT) on the auction site recently - this is a great deal !