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  1. Rooster210

    BOOMBAH GLOVES / any good

    maybe a year or 2 ago i bought one when they were about $40. leather was thin and cheap, hand stall was like a silky liner. i sold it for $30 after about month once the curiosity wore off
  2. Rooster210

    For Sale 2008 Worth Mutant Jeff Hall 34/26.5

    you're looking at around $100-120 shipped
  3. Rooster210

    For Sale/Trade Price Check 26.5 Avacado

    you may not get those prices here but it will get that on FB marketplace
  4. Rooster210

    For Sale/Trade Anarchy Demon and Worth 454 Hall Pinky

    ur prolly looking at 100 shipped on the worth
  5. Rooster210

    Various Softball Bats for Sale

    what did the st98 go for?
  6. Rooster210

    What is your favorite bat of all time?

    Easton SCN9, hurt like hell when i had to sell it due to Easton removing the approval for ASA
  7. Rooster210

    OG LS Z2000 26 Oz EL Dual stamp

    you got pics of this with your user name and date?
  8. Rooster210

    Glove for a 10 year old beginner?

    Bradley Gloves, they are specifically for children and have 4 finger models that introduce TIP placement in gloves for better glove control
  9. Rooster210

    Price Check Gloveworks

    probably around 50-70 shipped, game days are around 100 and they just had a 20% off coupon for black Friday
  10. Rooster210

    For Trade Miken sports lanyards -pic inside

    bruh this thread is more than 10 years old
  11. Rooster210

    TPS Z1000 endloaded

    maybe, just maybe if it was a gem dual stamp. not this piece of crap. 100-125 shipt as goods, toppssssssss........
  12. Rooster210

    Price Check: 2019 DC41 27OZ USA/ASA

    i hope for 160 you include insurance for full price and option for signature required. if not ur a cheap ass.
  13. Rooster210

    Louisville Slugger Z2000 ASA NIW 26/34 End Load 2014 model

    ur looking at a hot 80-100 shipped man, not much need for these here or on the bay. if you had an og z1k then that would fetch coin. there hasnt been much of a demand for louisville since the dual z2k plus you need your name on a piece of paper with the date if you want to post items for sell...
  14. Rooster210

    Price Check Please

    120-150 shipped
  15. Rooster210

    For Sale Several bats for sale

    gotta have your name and date in the pics
  16. Rooster210

    is this webbing or cracking..

    that's a San Antonio special, everyone here loves those bats. my bro in law had at least 3k on it and it worked well for him. it got stolen tho. i got a B4 with similar lines I've had it like that for a bout a year and a half, still going strong. if you can get it for 50 go for it.
  17. Rooster210

    Which Gen Fire Flex is the best? 1,2,3,or4?

    CNT or bust for me
  18. Rooster210


    thanks man, i only regret not knowing about the embossing sooner for the thumb logo
  19. Rooster210


    i wanted to get all three leather grades to see how good the leather was. the steer hide and kip are stiff as hell ( i still havent broken in my blue glove) and the game day is surprisingly stiff. im a league nighter so i dont see the white getting too bad.
  20. Rooster210


    the 2 traps are 12.75 and the H web is a 13"