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  1. synergy40

    For Sale Price Check: Any watch guys out there?

    Just keep it, I don't think any real watch guy will buy a 10 year old tag. It's prolly only worth s couple hundred bucks, you were pretty much right.
  2. synergy40

    E Worlds Florida

    Straight from s team who played them, thanks py. Everyone likes to ***** cuz they don't win
  3. synergy40

    E Worlds Florida

    Please see post 4
  4. synergy40

    E Worlds Florida

    Obviously to win this tourney you have to be better then the other teams therefore making you a class higher, ****ing babies.
  5. synergy40

    Why SBF never sponsored a conference team?

    This would def be a waste for a conference team. The amount of sales Sbf does to higher levels is prob 1%. Better off sponsoring a team of 6 ace7's, 6 gio's, maybe 1 joker and 1 it's really my daddy's boat. Now that team will buy anything you tell them is good.
  6. synergy40

    D Worlds....

    Oh ****, lucky no testers.
  7. synergy40

    Maine 2015

    Sean is not as good looking as he used to be so no one would really even notice.
  8. synergy40

    Maine 2015

    Da **** is going on here
  9. synergy40

    Some EST mashing

    Do you both have to watch every ball you hit, yes they went far. Nice cuts.
  10. synergy40

    What will you do with that tax refund money$$$

    I am not wasting any if my 6k return on softball ****
  11. synergy40

    Someone from Canada pm please!???

    This went as well as it could
  12. synergy40

    Advice for young player starting USSSA tournament ball

    Pre *** or full blown ejaculation?
  13. synergy40

    new bat break in advice

    Shove it straight up yo ass, do a a couple tutu twirls then shove it straight up yo mamas ass
  14. synergy40

    Need Help Yonkee19

    No mommies to bang
  15. synergy40

    LTB 2- Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 or Kindle Fire HD

    Annnnnnnnnd the fire is set
  16. synergy40

    Coed worlds

    Matt T was C, was on Dgc with him and we were C.
  17. synergy40

    Coed worlds

    Seems like all are happy for billy bats with a little hesitation as to why they played E, that being said. They been aging for a while but finally established a team in 2012 to really compete with the mind set of moving up every year regardless. So they did the right thing and played E then...
  18. synergy40

    Coed worlds

    LocL Orlando team beat my homies on billy bats. One tourney wonder.
  19. synergy40

    E Worlds (Disney)

    Yes there were multiple worlds, not sure of the numbers now as I don't play e. Also I thought you were talking Disney only
  20. synergy40

    E Worlds (Disney)

    We came in 5th in 2009 With 270 teams it has slowly decrease every year thereafter. Not sure about 500 teams, D and c teams have increased slightly as well