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  1. scuderia

    Waterproof turfs

    Synthetic leather uppers repel water.
  2. scuderia

    Hitting question.

    Where I stand depends on how badly the box is dug up. ****sucking diggers. :mmph: Knocking knuckles grip.
  3. scuderia


    +1 before the delete.
  4. scuderia

    Which color socks?

    No :o, complimentary.
  5. scuderia

    Anybody ever blue a GnR to batting gloves?

    Dear persnickety in Parsippany: Just swing the ****ing bat yo!
  6. scuderia

    Worst championship shirts ever lmao

    Um, beer! It's good times making fun of the hand jobs that show up over dressed and accessorized though. They got to coordinate :o
  7. scuderia

    Worst championship shirts ever lmao

    That's terrible. I laughed. :D
  8. scuderia

    Eye Black for Night Games?

    This is how I take the field for late games.
  9. scuderia

    Coolest Liz Skin color for 2015 USA AFTERMATH?

    ^lolz he's a Mary. White athletic tape.
  10. scuderia

    Softball Magazine

    Ello, never subscribed but I've thumbed through issues before. It's alright I guess. USSSA Today is pretty good also. Not familiar with any other ones.
  11. scuderia

    New bat company??

    Bruce Hornsby over here. :o When I'm trying to get people interested in something I'm selling these are the first 3 steps I take. 1.) Don't post any links, images or videos and keep info to a vague minimum. 2.) Make it very hard to find the info, images, videos I do have. (Especially for...
  12. scuderia

    New bat company??

    I was interested in viewing the videos, if they’re offered in horizontal and not vertical orientation, but you don't have a facebook page like you said. You have a closed group meaning people have to be a member to view the videos. Nobody got time for that. You should post the videos or just...
  13. scuderia

    The heartbreak.....

    I thought league was practice?
  14. scuderia

    Barrel size ?

    The bigger the barrel the sweeter the juice.
  15. scuderia

    Long Distance Hitting Competition

    I'd like to know how footy became so popular. It was the sport all the derelicts who couldn't make the Baseball, Basketball or Football teams played because there was no cuts and any warm body was eligible. Now we're wasting precious real estate on soccer fields... Plural? Animals. :(
  16. scuderia

    Long Distance Hitting Competition

    Pic of Steve checking the fields this morning :D
  17. scuderia

    I cant stop watching this

    Looks like she's having a blast. Super cool!
  18. scuderia

    Seems about right...

    I like that the dude who post it yesterday is the first poster in this thread. Continuity is king in my book.
  19. scuderia

    It has been nearly 10 years

    No flaccid and erect penis measurements? Pffffft. We have ages and tech specs for you and your kid how about your husband? I often fantasize of the day I too will take to the internet, with a wildly flawed intellect, and inflict stupidity on others. I'll get there. Hopefully. :o OP! Good luck...