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  1. onion

    How does the Anarchy hit 44/375 balls

    Finally got to hit the used Anarchy Awakening I bought this winter last week in the dome with 44's. First at bat hit a bomb, longest shot I've hit there in all the years I've been going. Then I hit 2 off the end cap that were about 200 feet and then laser to the fence on a line. Pitcher said he...
  2. onion

    Demarini B52

    Put these in the looking to buy section instead of the for sale section and you might have better luck.
  3. onion

    Official CFB Thread

    I think Mariotta, Derrick Henry, Lamar Jackson and Mayfield can all be productive. That is 4 in a row.
  4. onion

    Official CFB Thread

    Didn't cherry pick anything. The first 10 of that list were from a 20 year span. So that is a 50% success rate.
  5. onion

    Official CFB Thread

    Heisman winners, OJ, Jim Plunkett, Tony Dorsett, Earl Campbell, Billy Sims, Marcus Allen, Herschel Walker, Bo Jackson, Tim Brown, Barry Sanders, Eddie George, Charles Woodson, etc. I would say that it is closer to 90% success rate than the other way around.
  6. onion

    Anarchy Nitrous is another winner for Anarchy

    I have an awakening coming next week. Who prefers the new ones to this bat?
  7. onion

    For Sale Bats are sold

    I'm interested in the CL22 but need to sell my L4 Border Battle or Boombah XRT first.
  8. onion

    For Sale Microfiber shorts L

    What waist size do they consider large?
  9. onion

    LTB Easton L4 border battle

    Interested in a 26.5?
  10. onion

    For Sale/Trade Adidas Yeezy Boost for BATS

    Post pics shortly?
  11. onion

    LTTF New golf equipment

    I am looking to get some new golf equipment to donate for a fund raiser. I have multiple things to trade, watches, a L4 border battle bat with knobcuff, lh throw glove, softball pants and jerseys, golf shirts and hats, also have 4 pair of new samsung 3d glasses.
  12. onion

    NIB Wilson Ultra Golf Bag Organizer (bag stand display)

    Looking for any trades? Hats, softball pants, golf shirts, something along that lines?
  13. onion

    For Sale New In Box Adidas Tour 360 Boost Golf cleats; Men 9 & 9.5 NIB Q44845

    They are awesome shoes. If they weren't in little kid's size I would be looking at getting another pair of Adidas golf shoes.
  14. onion

    For Sale New In Box Adidas Tour 360 Boost Golf cleats; Men 9 & 9.5 NIB Q44845

    These are selling for $79 with $8 shipping in all sizes so might want to adjust the price.
  15. onion

    For Sale SOLD $$ 55 shipped $$ 2017 new balance 547 sport sz 13

    Left hand golf stuff, golf clothes, 34” waist softball pants, size 13 dress shoes, baseball hats and more. Looking for anything in particular?
  16. onion

    For Sale Ricoh Theta 360 degree camera

    Price drop. $95 shipped. Lowest I will go or I'll just keep it.
  17. onion

    LTB iPhone 6s Plus or iPhone 7 plus

    looking for an unlocked or Verizon iPhone 6s Plus or 7 Plus. Also have softball or golf stuff to trade.
  18. onion

    For Sale/Trade Cobra F6+ Driver

    The resale value is right on when you factor in shipping.
  19. onion

    For Sale Ricoh Theta 360 degree camera

    Will listen to trade offers. Paid $300 for wife to use once.