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  1. batting4th

    For Sale 2016 Z4 NIW

    Do you still have this? Usssa?
  2. batting4th

    Leagues with pitching screens

    Quit pretending you hit hard
  3. batting4th

    For Sale 28.5 Jeff hall 220 and 30 balanced legit utrip

    i am interested in the balanced
  4. batting4th

    Palmdale/Lancaster CA

    go to the Big 8 in Lancaster. that is about the only decent fields out there.
  5. batting4th

    For Trade USSSA Flex

    Do you have a sale price?
  6. batting4th

    can you bp tomorrow. i will be in town?

    can you bp tomorrow. i will be in town?
  7. batting4th

    Does anyone play in Santa Maria

    i am coming out tomorrow, who can go hitting?
  8. batting4th

    Does anyone play in Santa Maria

    They roster check for league. I was just hitting off a tee at some softball complex
  9. batting4th

    Does anyone play in Santa Maria

    I work out here for a couple days a week every other week. Is there any leagues or people who want to bp?
  10. batting4th

    LTB 2014 resmondo legit

    what oz is this?
  11. batting4th

    Bp or games tonight in Ventura?

    next time i am in the area i will try to hit you up
  12. batting4th

    Good bat for 40/275

    we use the same ball. in 90+ heat. everything is going to suck. you seem to have one of the better bats for that ball.
  13. batting4th

    LTB Corndog

    i have one but i dont want to trade, i will sell for $95 shipped. message me response please
  14. batting4th

    BGF hr derby 6/24 Perris BLD

    make sure you watch him getting snapped off by John, hahaha
  15. batting4th

    Monsta why

    Sorry 80 mph swing speed. It seems we agree that the on field performance is definitely different than the lab testing, that was all i was trying to say. When all is said and done, I becomes personal preference when it comes to the bat you use.
  16. batting4th

    Monsta why

    Just my opinion, several of the Monsta bats are notably better when the weather gets hot and muggy. we have to remember, when testing is done to receive ASA certification, this is done in a controlled environment. if you have above 70mph swing speed (the speed at which ASA approves there bats)...
  17. batting4th

    Bp or games tonight in Ventura?

    Long shot. I am in ventura. Is anybody doing any softball tonight?
  18. batting4th

    For Sale 2 Bats 4 Sale!! 30 OZ both

    why is the barrel silver on the ONE? i thought they were black. does it have asa and utrip thumbprint stamp?
  19. batting4th

    Toys 4 Tots Derby

    Lookin good big ian
  20. batting4th

    For Sale/Trade 28.5 oz ASA JEFF HALL RELOAD

    Pm your way