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  1. rmp0012002

    How to avoid back outs and quitters

    When I started ball in the late 80’s there was no internet and no such think as a mobile phone so there were less things to do. Modified had many leagues then but not many slow pitch but now there’s very few modified and more slow pitch leagues. I’m over 50 and senior leagues are really...
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    How to avoid back outs and quitters

    The team I had played on had a good core for about 5-6 years and then the last three years together guys could care less if the showed up or not. I think over those three years we won 2-3 games total And each game had to throw a team together the morning of the games. Clarified why I’ll never...
  3. rmp0012002

    What is your favorite bat of all time?

    I bought it through Softball Sales. I sent it back once to the factory for a rattle, it was a BB. Don’t know the construction but they were part of it. It crushed 48’s and 50’s. The Ritch’s green monsters were good but not as hot as that DeMarini.
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    What is your favorite bat of all time?

    Early DeMarini Distance before it was banned. Ray DeMarini was the man.
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    5man vs 4man

    As an outfielder I liked to run and track balls down, having a fourth outfield makes you worry about collisions. Ten years ago I could still run like that but now at 53 I could never cover that ground. I would try like hell but my body wouldn’t be happy with me afterwards.
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    5man vs 4man

    It really depends if you have the legs in the outfield to cover the gaps using 3 outfields. It also depends if you’re playing a lesser team that can’t hit shots to the gaps and hit a lot of grounders. the 5th man was called the short fielder. He was a rover that played in the infield, fourth...
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    This place used to be the bomb.

    I enjoyed the Mohr and Chasteen boards.
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    Overlap vs traditional grip

    I tried it for one season in the 2000’s and it works for power but lost bat control. I limited me in placing the ball where I wanted it. A standard grip and dropping the pinky below the knob has always worked well for me.
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    Shoulder pain and numbness

    You could have an impingement. I had one earlier in the year that I’ve worked out for the most part, had a skydiving incident. If you can I’d have it looked at as I’ve heard some people being in constant pain to where they couldn’t sleep. My situation is just during the throwing motion.
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    thumb device

    I know some pro baseball players use them but never saw the need in softball.
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    Spring - 2022 - March 20

    I’m in NJ so I likely won’t see the field until March or April. Until then it’s just time working out and cardio. I have a new Powerhouse gym opening 5 minutes from my house.
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    Why do I hit low or dropped balls so much further?

    I came from modified ball in NJ and ASA SP at the time was 6’ to 12’. People can say what they want but U-Trip is a much flatter pitch than ASA. And being 5’10” there is no way I could stand up In the box and hit a pitch at my shoulders. I just stand back in box so I can hit any strike with...
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    Backyard hitting net

    I just got a 7” x 7” hitting net but having garage bays at work it will work out better especially for the winter.
  14. rmp0012002

    Why do I hit low or dropped balls so much further?

    I’ve always preferred low pitches and will stand back in the box. I think it translates over from years of baseball. Also, I cannot hit upper chest level pitches that most players seem to like because I can’t generate the power raising my arms up.
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    Comparison between Senior Ultra II (msu2) and Senior Suncoast Melee 3 One-piece balanced?

    I like the 2020 Ultra II but not in the same league as the Suncoast.
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    How do you store your gamer over the winter?

    I keep it clean and conditioned all season so at the end of the year it just goes in my bat bag. Nothing fancy.
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    Been a while since my last bp.

    I’m interested in getting a Pop Toss. What’s everyone’s view on it and what height pitches are you setting it up for?
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    NSA game lights cut out in middle of an inning.

    I use to play in a league where the one town had field lights that were on a timer and went off at 10pm. Rarely did we go that late but a couple times they went off during play. Not fun trying to find your gear in the pitch dark. It was a money league but I don’t remember either team paying.
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    USSSA MWS finals.

    Runner didn’t leave early, he left on the hit thinking it was too outs and was past second when the ball was caught. Santana’s only option is to touch second and back to first. He was easily doubled off. A runner doesn’t score on a third out force. USSSA doesn’t have the brightest umps but they...
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    USSSA MWS finals.

    I tried to re-title the post but it wouldn’t let me. This was Resmondo / Dan Smith in the losers bracket final.