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  1. exccsracer

    LTB Wilson 1799 RHT "Halloween"

    I think they call it the Halloween glove because it's orange tan and black. I have one now and I've slap worn it out and would like another. The newer the better. If you know you're overpriced please don't bother. PM me pictures and your best price to 29209. PayPal ready.
  2. exccsracer

    For Sale 2017 Miken F30 26oz NR $175

    Bat has zero issues. No cracks or rattles. Has more bag wear than use. 150 hits at most. Brand new Lizard Skin. Does not come with knob cuff. Not interested in trades. Price is Paypal f/f shipped to the lower 48. Add fees otherwise.
  3. exccsracer

    Where to buy new ICON ball?

    I've checked a dozen places and no one seems to carry this ball with this specific stamp. We bought 6 at our first tourney of the year but haven't seen them anywhere since. I've found some new old stock with the NSA 44/400 stamp but it doesn't specifically say ICON on it. Thanks in advance.
  4. exccsracer

    LTB LV1 or LV2 25.5 or 26.5

    Looking for either bat in either weight. PM me pics and price shipped to 29201. PayPal ready.
  5. exccsracer

    Price Check 27.5oz Watermelon

    150 swings or so, barcode, and receipt good until November '17. No issues.
  6. exccsracer

    LTB 2013 LV1 26.5oz

    The optic yellow one of course. Only looking for 26.5oz. Number of hits doesn't matter as long as it's solid with no issues. PM me with pictures and price.
  7. exccsracer

    Price Check 25oz SIS Mutant 12

    Under 100 hits. R/R until 5/29/17. Zeros issues. Almost looks new.
  8. exccsracer

    For Sale DC, Ressy, Z4K+, RI Z2, LV1

    26.5oz Z4K+ under 250 hits, R/R until 2/2/17 $140 26oz Z2000. 600-700 hits. I can hear a single sand grain rattle if it's dead silent. Has returning but no receipt. SOLD 26oz Ressy Legit. Under 100 hits. Comes with bar code & R/R until 7/5/17 SOLD 26oz DC41. Under 100 hits. Comes with bar code &...
  9. exccsracer

    For Sale JH Lite, Z4K+, & LV1

    All are 26.5oz with new Lizard Skin and knob cuff. End caps are tight, no cracks, no wobble, and no rattle. JH is a NR. Maybe 50 hits. $125 LV1 is a NR since I don't have the bar code. Approx 500 hits. $85 Z4K+ is returnable with a receipt dated 2/6/16. Under 200 hits. $160 Not looking for...
  10. exccsracer

    Price Check No Return 26.5 JH Lite

    What are these going for? 20 swings and in mint shape. Trying to get an idea before I decide to sell.
  11. exccsracer

    For Sale 26oz returnable Z3K Utrip end loaded $90

    Solid with no issues 500+ hits. Lizard Skin and knob cuff. $90 shipped gifted or add fees. Is returnable and includes receipt dated 1/14/16. Just hit with it a few days ago and it's HOT.
  12. exccsracer

    For Sale 26.5oz '14 LV1(Orange)

    Solid with no issues. 350-400 hits. Newish Lizard Skin. $90 shipped gifted or add fees. No second bar code + no receipt = no return. No trades.
  13. exccsracer

    For Sale 26oz 17BH new stamp

    Solid with zero issues. Newish .5 Lizard Skin. 200ish hits. $100 gifted shipped or add fees. Not looking for trades or low ballers. Great winter or team bat or if you simply like the CNT barrel feel. This one still hasn't opened up completely.
  14. exccsracer

    For Sale 27oz Flipper Aftermarh $125

    Clean with no issues. No cracks or rattles. Under 25 hits. Receipt dated 3/30/16. Passed compression barely. Lol I'm not looking for any trades or low ball offers. SOLD for $120
  15. exccsracer

    A2K 1799 price check

    I'm not sure if I'm gonna sell it but I'd at least ask. I used this glove in a 100+ games over the last year and honestly just scooped up a Pro Preferred 303 for a song to try and loved it. I figured I'd see what it was worth and think about selling it then. Broken in traditional, nothing but...
  16. exccsracer

    For Sale 26oz Fulk Elite $150

    No return. Perfect condition. Under 10 hits. Passes compression easily. Not looking for trades or offers. Price is firm, shipped gifted or add fees. Only shipping to the lower 48 states.
  17. exccsracer

    Price Check NR 26oz Fulk

    I got my return in a couple of weeks ago. Took the wrapper off and put 6 swings on it. Im not sure if I'm gonna keep it or not. A great bat but I've rekindled my love for my reissue Z2 I didn't pay full pop for it but I'll hang onto it if I'm gonna take a beatin' on the price.
  18. exccsracer

    For Sale 26.5oz LV1 $100

    Excellent condition. 500+ hits. No cracks, rattles, or wobble. New Lizard Skin & knob cuff. No receipt or bar code. $100 gifted shipped or add fees. Not interested in trades or offers. Z4+ is no longer available.
  19. exccsracer

    For Sale 28oz ASA Z3K under 75 hits $110 shipped

    ASA balanced Z3000 28oz Perfect shape with zero issues. Less than 75 hits. Fully returnable but no receipt. Asking $110 shipped. Not looking for any trades.
  20. exccsracer

    PRONP12 info

    PRONP12-6KRT I scooped one of these up recently and haven't found much info available on it. It's PP leather, a 12" pattern, with a pro-h web. It's worked out perfectly as an infield glove. I'd just never heard or seen them until a couple of months ago. Any info would be appreciated.