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  1. D-ROCK13

    Easton Thing

    Anyone swung one yet? Aluminum handle has me curious. Wonder if it's similar to the miken hybrid handle
  2. D-ROCK13

    Anarchy 220 usssa badassery review

    Picked up a couple more on a local trade. Badassery is 12inch barrel with 1 0z endload. Repaint of awakening. it's a 25oz which is way out of my normal range, but, considering it's only got around 50 hits on it, this thing is good to go. Swings like a 26oz endload. Had no problem hitting 300ft...
  3. D-ROCK13

    2020 dudley doom usssa

    Picked up a green dudley doom, 27 oz with 1oz endload. had approximately 50 hits before me, I put another 30 or so on it. swings true to weight, endload is there but no sledgy feeling. Barrel is very responsive and feels great, no handle flex that I noticed. only hit off tee so far but exit...
  4. D-ROCK13

    Anarchy Highway Star Usssa Review

    28oz 13" .50 oz endload, swings true to weight, soft barrel, kind of hollow sound. Nice looking bat with a different theme and paint scheme. Put 100 or so swings on it. Definitely going to take alot of hits to break in fully but softer barrel feel with hardly any feedback at all, even on miss...
  5. D-ROCK13

    2020 DB signature model

    Picked up a 29oz at a deal i couldn't resist. Bat feels fairly endloaded i'd guess around 3/4 oz, dry swings a little light in overall weight though, feels like a typical 28oz endload. Paint and color scheme is very nice, good looking bat imho, I'll post more when it warms up a little and i can...
  6. D-ROCK13

    2017 team combat dual stamp?

    anyone heard of a 2017 team combat dual stamp that's black with blue lettering? they have them for sale on another site but cant seem to find any info on them. did find a thread here saying they were supposed to have the rocket launcher quad disc tech but were never released?