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    Thoughts on PROTT2

    The TT2 is a great pattern, but I can't imagine using it for slowpitch. 12.25 and above for infield is more like it.
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    Can a 2-piece web be converted to a one-piece?

    Can a 2-piece pitcher's web like the Wilson CK22 be relaced and converted into a one-piece like the X2? To my eyes it seems like a fairly straightforward conversion by removing the bottom of the web and relacing the holes. Am I missing anything?
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    Anyone know what happened to 2bwax?

    I had been curious to try 2bwax's cleaners and conditioners when they were the hot thing for a minute but they seem to have vanished off the face of the earth ever since Ball Player's Balm came on the scene. Now 2bwax's website has disappeared and been overtaken by a NSFW site... I assume it's...
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    Looking for video on how to relace KP92

    Does anyone have a source for a video on how to relace a Wilson-style modified trapeze, specifically a KP92? I usually rely on Dirty 30's videos (excellent), but his modified trap video is for a Rawling-style lacing which is a different pattern. He does have one showing an Ichiro-style trapeze...
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    2020 Wilson SP135?

    The black and grey colorway reminds me of the TDFTHR.
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    The best mallet?

    Nice tip. There's actually a mochi store near me, I might have to find out who's their supplier.
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    Marucci c mod gloves

    I just picked up the Cypress 12.75" H-Web C•Mod Shift C78R3 in Medium and here are my first impressions: The sizing is pretty roomy in my opinion. Between Medium and Large, I chose Medium, expecting something like a Pedroia fit, but the hand opening is still pretty large. Perhaps the difference...
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    Wilson "Glove Day Series"???

    If they were indeed Pro Issues, then whoever snagged the 1781 lucked out with the more reasonable hand stall.
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    What happened to Tim Anderson's Marucci sponsorship?

    This may be a question for @GloveCowboy, but does anyone know what happened to Tim Anderson's short lived Marucci sponsorship? During the off season, Marucci was heavily promoting some really beautiful TA customs inspired by the G4. But as of late (August 2020), Anderson has only been seen...
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    What is Rawlings R2G made of?

    Does anyone know what kind of leather Rawlings uses for its R2G line, specifically something like this? It's called a Heart of the Hide and the description says "additional 25% factory break-in"...
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    The best mallet?

    I ended up buying two kinds of mallets for comparison, the Hot Glove and the JL. The Hot Glove (above) is ubiquitous, cheap and surprisingly effective. Its light weight was actually a benefit, making it less tiring to do more reps. I had no trouble gripping the handle without a knob...
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    The best mallet?

    I wish I had known about Coach's Mallets before they closed, too. These days Nokona doesn't even seem to offer a wood mallet on their site. They have something called the Tomahawk Mallet which looks like it's molded out of plastic? Very interesting shape that echoes batalot's sideways design...
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    The best mallet?

    I'm in the market for a good glove mallet to help maximize my break-in efforts. I previously wasted some money on an overseas Mizuno version that was TINY (8.5") and is useless on anything other than the hinge. Given that there are so many glovesmiths on this board, I would love to hear...
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    Baseball 3B Wilson Patterns 1781 vs PRO200's

    And how about a TDFTHR?
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    Baseball 3B Wilson Patterns 1781 vs PRO200's

    I'm curious what do you like about the TF21 that you didn't like about the 1721? I emailed Wilson about the comparison once and they said it's the same model, just the "TF" being a pro issue version of the 1721. Which was confusing to me because I thought the 1721 came later than the TF21...
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    Japanese gloves vs American gloves

    I bought a Kubota Slugger out of the same curiosity but found the pattern to be so odd for my purposes that I sold it even before I could break it in. It was a 12.5" H-web. The pocket was super flat and shallow, the fingers super long. I could not for the life of me get a 12u softball to stay in...
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    Alternative to Wilson SP125?

    Pick up the Demarini edition SP125 GOTM. Or, if you are looking for something like the TF21, I emailed Wilson to ask about it's relation to the 1721 and they said it's the same glove.
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    Easton Legacy Elite- any good?

    Legacy Elite is super nice quality. Compares very favorably to A2000 or Heart of the Hide. I'm surprised at how cheaply they're being closed out right now. I wouldn't hesitate to pick one up.
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    Superskin skeptic

    Can someone enlighten me on Superskin? To me it looks toy-like, yet on an A2000 it costs the same as a full leather glove. Why so expensive considering pleather usually costs less than real leather? Can anyone vouch for the longevity of SS? How do you condition it (with Armor All)? I can't help...