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    Approximately 50% broken in TIP. Still stiff. Price shipped to US
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    For Sale Wilson A2000 1781 Black Pro Issue 12.25”

    For Sale : Wilson A2000 1781 Pro Issue $SOLD shipped to US. Wrinkling on backside of glove. Assume this happened in transit while inside the spring training bag.
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    For Sale Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO12TCB Horween Black 12”

    For sale: Rawlings HOH PRO12TCB Horween black $sold shipped to US. Glove appears to have never been used. No flaws or issues. Hand stall is flawless.
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    For Trade For Sale: Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO12TC Horween 12”

    For Sale: Rawlings HOH PRO12TC $SOLD shipped to US Glove is in excellent condition. Only some wear to the palm is visible. Hand stall is flawless. Very rare glove.
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    For Sale Rawlings Heart of the Hide Timberglaze PRODCTTI 13”

    For Sale: Rawlings Heart of the Hide Timberglaze PRODCDTI 13” $SOLD shipped to US Broken in approximately 50% and used for a few games. Still very stiff. Only notable blemish is the finger stain from using traditional grip index out.
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    For Sale Rawlings Heart of the Hide Horween Tan PRO1000-3T 12”

    FOR SALE: Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO1000-3T $SOLD- shipped to US *Used but in amazing condition, still stiff and needs additional break in to be game ready. Rawlings & R patches faded.
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    FOR SALE: Demarini Flipper 27 NR SOLD Demarini Insane 28.5 $110 LS TPZ 27.5 $145 Prices include shipping within the US. All bats have less than 100 hits and the Flipper & KTJ have less than 50.
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    $210 shipped obo Brand New With Tags
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    For Sale Anarchy Viper ASA Demarini Omega 2 Carbon 26.5

    For Sale: Demarini Omega 2 Carbon 26.5 $115 USED Minor field wear but great condition. Anarchy Viper ASA 28 $205 MINT No issues, like new condition. R/R
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    LTB LTB 2017 Boombah Boss T3 Compressor ASA

    Looking for a black 2017 Boombah Boss Compressor T3 ASA. 27 or 28 oz preferred. Can buy straight up or have bats/gloves to trade.
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    Had the pleasure of working with @ANNASDAD on another deal. Great guy and is a total class-act. He is the epitome of why I love the forum. Always willing to answer questions and help out another member. Thanks again, buddy!!!
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    SBF Store 25% off Rawlings Amazing deal on all Rawlings products through the SBF store. Yes, even gloves are included in the discount.
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    For Sale Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO1000-SBF 13”

    For sale: Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO1000-SBF Some light mallet work and couch catch. Still stiff and needs additional break in. $SOLD
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    For Sale 2016 Easton Helmer Flex NSA ISA USAA 28 oz

    For sale: 2016 Easton Helmer Flex Receipt but it is dated 4/23/2018z Bat has approximately 300 cuts, minimal bag and ground wear, no issues just don’t play NSA or UTRIP anymore. Bat is hot and ready to play! $90 shipped
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    For Sale Gloveworks X Davis Relacing open back trap 12.75” RHT

    For sale: SOLD. Like new no issues.
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    For Sale Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO302CVDM 12.75” RHT

    Rawlings HOH Mesh For Sale: SOLD Used approximately 6 times on turf. Never has seen dirt. Still needs break in work.
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    For Sale Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO303TIC 12.75” RHT

    PRO303 Custom Timber and Camel trap. $170 shipped Excellent condition, two small spots on the finger pad and binding. Flawless otherwise.
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    For Sale 2018 Easton Ronin 27 & 28oz NR

    For Sale: 2018 Easton Ronin 27 oz SOLD 2018 Easton Ronin 28 oz SOLD Less than 20 hits on each bat.
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    For Sale Demarini Dinger Slinger 27oz $65

    FS $65 shipped via PayPal friends & family. Less than 50 hits. Minimal wear to end cap. Returnable with receipt dated 7/27/2018
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    For Sale Easton Baker Balanced 34/28

    Brand new in wrapper. No receipt. $SOLD shipped F&F PayPal. No trades. Keep me posted you have any questions.