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    Crack or No Crack?

    That Dudley lighting is worth a bajillion doll hairs if it is the OG in good condition.
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    macgregor softballs...

    Thought you retired and only play golf?
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    LTB Adidas Melee Senior Balanced - 26 oz

    A year ago I would have had no clue what your bats are. Now I’m over here drooling at the lightnings. 😀
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    Rawlings Customs made in Philippines?

    The quality of the Philippines customs blows away the SLCS custom shop. With that said, I would take the bubbles and mistakes to have a domestically produced glove.
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    LTB Rawlings DCT

    The DCTTI is a looker but heavy AF. I would recommend waiting for the Horween release @milocoman is cooking up now.
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    New release Louisville Slugger softball bats

    Just speculation on my part but Legault just resigned so that might be a factor with the delay. He confirmed that the 2022/2023 bats were done so I assume they will have his replacement take the lead with the rollout.
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    LTB or LTT for Sr. Dudley Lift balanced 25oz

    Those OGs though… :)
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    LTB Wilson 1781 or SP125

    Going to let Big Dog take first pick then I got you.
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    LTB Wilson 1781 or SP125

    PM sent.
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    What is David Watsons home address? I would post it up along with contacting the local authorities. Anyone try calling him yet or is it a burner?
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    LTB Wilson 1781 or SP125

    I have two PI 1781s, a black SP125, Saddle Tan SP125 and TF21 Saddle Tan. All NWT
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    one piece vs two piece bat?

    My pros/cons are going to be different than yours. It’s a personal preference, swing both and make up your mind what is best for you.
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    Approximately 50% broken in TIP. Still stiff. Price shipped to US
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    Warstic USSSA Bats in Slowpitch

    They look cool but why waste your money on 240 bats when you can get 220 for less money. Why anyone other than conference guys swing 240 is besides me…
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    For Sale RGGC DYO Customs Have Arrived

    The BH34. It is a very nice option for slowpitch.
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    LTB Looking For Demarini Omega II Phenix Edition - 12" Barrel, Dual-Stamp, Endloaded

    I’ve got you. Let me dig it up and I’ll post pics/details.
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    For Sale/Trade (sold)Rawlings Pro Preferred

    Regret selling mine. Is there anything in particular that you are looking for in trade? Glove or bats