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    4th inning and the defense realizes 1 of the players that had just scored was not on the official line up card, he was on the tournament roster but the coach made a mistake and didn't put him on line up card. The player had already batted a couple times scored and had 3 RBI's. Is there a...
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    ASA caught fly/foul ball then carried into dead ball territory

    Situation: Runners on 1st and 3rd, less than 2 outs. Shortstop catches a fly/foul ball and then unintentionally runs out of play. 1) What is the ruling and what bases are awarded? 2) do runners have to go back and tag if they left the bag before 1st touch/catch and does retuning to tag up...
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    ASA what's the call

    You make the call Bottom of the 7th inning. Bases loaded, two outs. Visiting team up by one run. Batter hits a fair ball for a ground rule double. Runner at third has touched home. Runner from second is between 3rd and home when the batter-runner passes the runner from first between first...
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    ASA runner hit with batted ball

    runners on 1st and 2nd no outs, batter hits a ball up the middle which goes off the pitchers glove and then hits the runner who was advancing to 3rd, 1) is the runner out? 2) does this remain a live ball play on? 3) is the call also determined on if a defensive player had an opportunity to...
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    Any how many runs score

    bases loaded 2 outs, batter hits a inside the park home run, after all the runners score the defense appeals that runner that was on 1B missed 3B for the 3rd out, how many runs would score? same scenario but what if the batter missed 2B, how many runs would score?
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    ASA scoring of runs

    slo-pitch, we play 7 innings and the home team was up 5-2, after 5 innings, we were in the bottom of the 6th with 2 outs and we scored 2 runs, which came on a home run with one on, making the score 7-2 then the sky opened up and the game was called. My question for stats. does the home run...