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  1. WarHorse

    Primo Supermax 30oz, same as DC41?

    More hot, less hot, same bat?? I swing 2016-2017 Supermaxes at 30oz, and need a new one for my bag. Have heard mixed reviews on this bat, though, so wanted to hear it from people who actually swing them.
  2. WarHorse

    LTB 27.5 DNAM with a 4500 handle or 2019 Miken DC41 27oz

    Title says it all.
  3. WarHorse

    LTB LTB 30oz DC41 or Primo Maxload

    Paypal ready, also have monstas for trade if interested (here):
  4. WarHorse

    For Sale Three Monstas: DNAM, Bomb, Zombie

    26.5 DNAM 4500 handle, 500 hits. Gone 27 Bombi Goldy, 3500 handle, 200 hits at most- not even game ready yet. 210 shipped 27 3500 Zombie, 100 hits, Gone. No bats come with warranty or taper. Bomb and Mutated come with sleeves. Reason for selling is I can't get used to the weight. I used to be...
  5. WarHorse

    LTB Monsta 27oz Bombardier, 3500 or 4500

    As the title states. Condition isn't important as long as it's not destroyed and the FiB is still intact. Well used preferred. 150 budget.
  6. WarHorse

    Does Boombah still have reps?

    Or is that not a thing anymore?
  7. WarHorse

    What does Monsta have coming in 2019?

    As the title says. Internet digging has only gotten me absolutely nothing. Anyone know or hear anything different, or is it tight lipped?
  8. WarHorse

    LTB Another 30oz 2017 Worth XXL or DC41

    ASA sticker. Must be 30oz.
  9. WarHorse

    For Sale DNA, Boogeyman, Bombardier

    SOLD 28oz Balanced DNA. OG with OG handle (3500 I think?), 1000 hits. $240 27oz Black Boogeyman, 500 hits. $130 SOLD 27oz 4500 handle Bombardier, 1000 hits. $160 No cracks, very minor rattle with boogeyman. All have normal field wear for a season of play. All three bats in great shape. DNA...
  10. WarHorse

    Monsta Fallout - Need info

    Anyone have any info on this thing? Barrel size? BP videos? Reviews? Non biased reviews? Any word on what the gen3 fib is? Kinda just sounds like a marketing gimmick for a repainted Torch/DNA but I am curious. Anyone who posts before Joker gets an internet cookie.
  11. WarHorse

    Firefighter "Thin Red Line" Shirts / Hoodies?

    Anyone making anything like these? I know ASP has a long sleeve shirt and hat combo coming with their new Redline Bat, but unfortunately where I'm at it's either summer or winter, and we don't play with long sleeves. Everyone seems to be big on the blue line buy ins, wonder if there's any...
  12. WarHorse

    LTB 27oz Torch

    Handle stiffness does not matter to me. PMs are king. Only looking for one at this time.
  13. WarHorse

    Tell me about the Insane (ASA, Silver)

    I see they're on sale from the exclusive seller (yawn) but I am curious, what does it hit like and feel like? Stiff? Flexy? Standard Demarini whippyness to it? Thinking about picking one up as they're cheap, but not really sold on it. I mostly hit Mikens and Monstas and I like em heavy, but...
  14. WarHorse

    For Sale Monsta Boogeyman (Black, OG)

    Field and bag wear, no webbing that I can see, and no composite scratches. Comes with a grip n rip because it's such a pita to get those damn things off. 150 shipped to your door USPS
  15. WarHorse

    LTB 30oz DC-41 (2017 Model)

    As the title states, I'm looking for a DC-41 30oz. The mintier the better. Legal bat only please. ASA only I'm looking to keep my budget tight, but would like to see what you have. The only trade bait I have is a good condition 27oz OG Boogeyman (black), and can provide pictures of that if...
  16. WarHorse

    LTB 30oz DC41 ASA or similar model

    I will paypal cash, or can trade. Trades I have are (and pics WILL be sent if a trade is being lined up): 27oz 3500 Bombardier, good condition 27oz OG Black Widow (fair condition, large crack, will clearly show in pics) 27oz OG Black Boogieman, good condition My 28ozs and 30ozs are off limits...
  17. WarHorse

    For Sale 27oz 4500 Handle Flex Bombardier, Minty

    25 or so BP hits and that's it. Vulcan grip included. Just didn't fit me/too light. No return 180 STYD paypal gifted, or add fees. Price negotiable, only trade I'm looking for is 30oz ASA DC-41. Pic:
  18. WarHorse

    I will NEVER buy another demarini EVER again.

    Just returned two bats to them a couple of weeks ago. Both bats were used last season (2014 AM and 2014 Juggy). THe AM has some endcap separation and some cracks. The juggy has a ton of paint chips and one small carbon chip on the barrel. Just got them both back today stating they will not...
  19. WarHorse

    The official unofficial Madison Meatspin BP thread

    Now with extra spin. Anyone wanna do some indoor BP at hitters/GRB since it's still Winter?
  20. WarHorse

    Upcoming buy ins?

    Looking to put some more jerseys in my closet. Anything upcoming? Kinda pissed I missed that Tribute buy in. Especially interested in POW/MIA buy ins or anything else that supports our men and women in uniform and retired.