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    Bat companies

    I have been out of the game for few years and seems like pretty much the same bats r coming out now as 3 years ago. Have bat companies got lazy on r and d or what? See so many exclusive bats
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    Where can u get a balance fireflex from?
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    Difference between legit and est?

    What is the difference between these bats? The specs look the same to me
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    LTB Miken Freak PT12 Balanced

    I have 26oz with 50 hits. Text me 8153835851
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    Thoughts on pt12 balance

    Just seeing what u guys think of this.
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    LTB 25oz balance mikes or worth 2 piece

    25oz balance miken or worth 2 piece. Only looking 25oz and balance
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    LTB Looking to buy bats

    Got 26oz utrip worth est balance with receipt and barcode
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    LTB 26 oz HOT NON ASA Bat

    Got worth 220 nr for 50 or Easton 2016 Bryson baker for 60
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    Central Illinois player

    my team broke up this last year, played with Redrum in mostly NSA. Looking to play utrip d or NSA gold. Play infield and normally bat in middle of the order. Like playing middle but willing to play anywhere. Pm me
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    Easton bat

    it has been awhile since I have swung Easton, mostly use miken or worth. I saw easton has some cheap bats right now and thought maybe to try one. Looking at utrip flex. Which bat should I try?
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    Price Check Niw Uflip

    just looking for price for utrip aftermath from last year. Returnable with receipt
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    Price Check Niw 26oz duo3

    just looking for price. Returnable without receipt
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    For Sale 26oz tmnt mutant

    looking for 220. My bad.
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    For Sale 26oz tmnt mutant

    has about 75 hits. Returnable with receipt. Looking for 220
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    LTB Got $175 in PP

    I got duo3 or Demarini uflip from last year. Both niw
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    For Sale 26oz tmnt mutant, red 4tf, cl22

    4tf is gone. Only looking to sell
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    For Sale 26oz tmnt mutant, red 4tf, cl22

    26oz tmnt mutant with receipt. Has about 75 hits no problems at all. Looking for 225 26oz 4tf returnable without receipt. Has about 200 hits with a rattle. Looking for 225 26 cl22 niw without return. Looking for 115 Text me 8153835851 for faster response.
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    For Sale 26oz Demarini Stadium

    What size barrel is this?