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  1. 4xtra

    Triple Action Review - 20Juggy/21Juggy/21Mercy ASA

    Demarini 2020 Juggy ASA 27 oz 100 swings 2021 Juggy ASA 27 oz NIW - ZERO swings 2021 Mercy ASA 26 oz 50 swings Here is a quick video from Center field At the 350 foot mark is where Carlos was standing at. The trash can to his left is 300 feet Ill update more details later. (They all perform...
  2. 4xtra

    REVIEW: 2021 Demarini Mercy ASA

    2021 Demarini Mercy ASA 26 oz APC Composite 4.ONE Handle Balls used - Classic M 52/300 44/375 These BP softballs are very beat up Overall feel Bat felt Midloaded . The bat is advertised as End Loaded The bat felt great and it scales at 26.3 NIW performance For some reason I was...
  3. 4xtra the DOZEN

    52/300 Classic W 44/375 $45 per dozen SHIPPED
  4. 4xtra

    Misprinted ASA Stamps on bats...

    Someone is trying to sell a Easton L1 on FB with a DUAL STAMP. We all know that this is a USSSA bat but this one REALLY has a dual stamp on it... Are there other bats that have the wrong stamp on it out here? Is this even legal to use?
  5. 4xtra

    Psychopaths on Facebook Softball B/S/T forums

    Some guy on FB wanted ONE Dozen softballs and sent the funds. Ok They were sent out the VERY NEXT DAY. (2 day express which shows up in 2-3 days) 2 days later he goes on FB and said that he got "scammed" and sent me a ton of messages complaining that he got "scammed" and he was going to do this...
  6. 4xtra

    Backyard Batting Net - Setup - 50 ft X 25 ft

    Backyard batting net Netting: 50 ft wide X 25 Ft height Used the existing trees as support posts Used Climbing rope for support Used a power drill with screws as anchors Also used Zip ties to support the net when the net was raised up Used a 5lb weight tied to the rope to throw over the...
  7. 4xtra

    For Sale DOZEN 44/525

    DOZEN 44/525 Very hot Threads are intact Perfect for the derby $45 Shipped
  8. 4xtra

    Claims of 44/375's w/"USSSA stamp" on

    some guy contacted me saying that he wanted a 44/375 with a "USSSA stamp" on it And this was for a NON sanctioned tournament fundraiser I told him that there absolutely is NO SUCH BALL with a USSSA stamp that is 44/375 compression. He sent me a pic of a CLASSIC M (This is a 40/325) in a box...
  9. 4xtra

    Review - Mizuno Blackout USSSA - 27.5 oz

    Mizuno Blackout USSSA 27.5 oz BP location - Redan Park LF 330 LCF 330 Center 340 RCF 375 RF 310 Balls used Mostly 52/300 Some 44/375 and Classic M Once again, really like those underrated bats and like to swing bats that NO ONE likes or appreciates Overall feel When swinging this bat...
  10. 4xtra

    For Sale 2019 SPRING SEASON SALE - 44/375, 52/300 Softballs BY THE DOZEN

    DOZEN 44/400 In good Condition $45 shipped We do not hit high compression softballs in BP so Im selling these Also have 52/300 and Classic M's as well. USSSA ASA Utrp NSA ISA Senior Softball BP Softball Soft ball Soft-ball Miken Worth Montsa Easton balls Flex SBF Deals steals Coupon Code...
  11. 4xtra

    2019 Demarini Mercy - Any feedback or reviews on this?

    A few years ago I have seen these in action and they were super hot. Then seen a bad review on the 2017, now on the 2019 model, I have not even seen this bat in action out here or any real reviews on this... Does anyone have any real feedback on this?
  12. 4xtra

    Review - 2019 Demarini Juggy ASA

    2019 Demarini Juggy ASA - 28 oz BP location - Wade Walker Park Stone Mountain GA,-84.1636503,127a,35y,327.22h,38.73t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xf29ebefa2098882d!8m2!3d33.7821783!4d-84.1647434 330 Ft to the Fence Also gamed...
  13. 4xtra

    Review - Louisville Slugger Solo Z ASA/USSSA

    Louisville Slugger Solo Z ASA/USSSA 28 oz Balanced BP location Lithonia Park outside Atlanta GA,-84.1168351,145a,35y,190.8h,40.65t/data=!3m1!1e3 Balls used Classic M 52/300 44/375 Compression test NIW 350 Once again........ For the record, I love...
  14. 4xtra

    For Sale Softballs - Dozen 44/375 and others

    Softballs by the Dozen 44/375 In very good shape $40 SHIPPED per dozen Got 3 dozen
  15. 4xtra

    LTB Miken KP23 ASA 26 or 27 oz

    Looking for this bat for a teammate: Miken KP23 ASA 26 or 27 or even a 28 oz Would like a receipt if possible The team is on a 2 week break but I would like to get this done quickly
  16. 4xtra

    Review - Louisville Slugger Solo Z USSSA

    Louisville Slugger Solo Z USSSA Balls used Classic M 52/300 44/375 Compression test NIW 290 For the record, I love underrated bats and that is why I did this review Overall feel Not much of an end load. Felt like your run of the mill one piece bat. Nothing fancy N.O.W. performance As...
  17. 4xtra

    Review - 2019 Worth Legit USA XL Border Battle ASA - WBBL4A

    Balls Used 52/300 44/375 Classic M Location: Redan Baseball field LF 325 LCF 330 C 345 RCF 360 RF 300 Toni starks_wu and myself tested the Worth BB the other day and I wanted to give a quick review on this bat. Overall feel This bat felt more mid loaded than end loaded but...
  18. 4xtra

    Review - 2018 Demarini Juggy DB44 USSSA

    2018 Demarini Juggy DB44 USSSA 28oz Redan Park Baseball Field Outside Atlanta GA Balls used - Mostly Classic M a few 52/300 and some 44/375 We stepped back 5 feet from the plate Overall feel If you want a real deal End Load, this is it. Bat did feel very nice and comparing this to the...
  19. 4xtra

    For Sale **SOLD** 2018 Demarini DB44 USSSA - NIW w/Receipt

    28oz Nice End Load on it Gets very hot after 50 swings....$145 Firm
  20. 4xtra

    Utrip Bat length at 35" instead of 34"....Is this illegal for USSSA?

    I noticed something interesting. This is in regards to the Mizuno Crush 28oz USSSA The bat is 35" instead of 34" in length would that make the bat illegal for USSSA? I do know that you get a higher MOI with a longer bat