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  1. smoke

    For Sale Supercell , sonic , raw, z2000 , z1000 SB11Z

    I'm in for some pix SMOKE
  2. smoke

    lol 3 digit temperature.... and ball distance...

    The older I get the better I was SMOKE
  3. smoke

    Wood Bats

    No magic wood bat, comes down to feel of the handle and knob.Bamboo and some of the hybrids will have flexibility handles The Caution from Evil is a good choice as are the Corndog SMOKE
  4. smoke

    LTB Metal for daughter

    I have some bats that might work, sent you a PM SMOKE
  5. smoke

    Where are all the 28-30oz bats?

    Never heard of a 6'4" guy being called scrawny, maybe a bean pole SMOKE
  6. smoke

    What is your favorite bat of all time?

    That’s a 95, 94 had same graphics but has pat. pending instead of a # SMOKE
  7. smoke

    Single wall options

    Some leagues won’t allow composite handle bats, SMOKE
  8. smoke

    Single wall options

    What ball are you going to use? SMOKE
  9. smoke

    LTB Metal bats

    Anything in particular that you are looking for? SMOKE
  10. smoke

    What is your favorite bat of all time?

    96 Demarini DW Storm Napalm TPS Titanium OG ULTRA OG GENNY SMOKE
  11. smoke

    Official Last Bat 2022

    Gotta pay your dues once a year, you’re go to go the rest of the year SMOKE
  12. smoke

    Early Model Demarini- 93/94?

    I will see what I have and post some pictures of what I’m willing to sell tonight after work SMOKE
  13. smoke

    Early Model Demarini- 93/94?

    how much you willing to pay?? SMOKE
  14. smoke

    This place used to be the bomb.

    I miss the Mohr board days, get great softball advice and even better BBQ recipes SMOKE
  15. smoke

    2022 Dudley Doom Balanced Senior

    Change is difficult SMOKE
  16. smoke

    Glove for a 10 year old beginner?

    OG post almost 5 years old SMOKE
  17. smoke

    Comparison between Senior Ultra II (msu2) and Senior Suncoast Melee 3 One-piece balanced?

    OG ASA stamped Ull is the best senior bat IMO SMOKE
  18. smoke

    Price Check SCN2 RE ISSUE

    In SSUSA a bat just needs a bpf of 1.21 or lower to be legal SMOKE
  19. smoke

    Back in the game playing Senior ball…

    Senior bats are all good just find one that fits your swing. You can swing almost anything in senior ball as long as it’s marked 1.21 or less SMOKE
  20. smoke

    2016 Adidas Melee 2

    Got this NIW 26oz. SMOKE