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  1. chile

    LTB 27oz original (aqua?) FAB14 or the v2 (orange one)

    FOUND anyone have one of these they'll move for a decent price?
  2. chile

    macgregor softballs...

    i heard a rumor our league is gonna use these in 52/300...anyone use these?
  3. chile

    is this forum "on?"

    seems like LS has fallen again...
  4. chile

    For Sale SOLD NWT 13" RHT BH34 - DOTD? SOLD

    moving more extra stuff. NWT. what else needs to be said? $165 shipped. lemme know. thanks for looking.
  5. chile

    For Sale 26oz 18 WKD - $75 shipped

    haven't played a lick of 40+ ball since I bought these...can't remember # of hits but not much between the two. no issues with either. 26oz WKD - $75 shipped lemme know. more pics in my album...thanks for looking. ***that's just paint above the WI in wicked on the barrel...not a crack...
  6. chile

    For Sale 28oz 13 OG Aftermath - $140 shipped SOLD!

    SOLD! solid bat. marked "no warranty". zero issues. not playing as much and figure someone may want this ;) $140 shipped. paypal as f&f….thanks for looking. more pics in my media but they're pretty craptacular….
  7. chile

    For Sale DONE. you missed it.

  8. chile

    For Sale 27oz 19 Nautalai EL (red one) - 145 shipped

    No receipt but not a WR. 200ish cuts? Solid. No issues. $145 shipped. Paypal as friends and family or add fees. Thank you for looking. I would do a package deal for this and the 27oz Z1K... $220 shipped
  9. chile

    For Sale SOLD RHT 12.75" Rawlings Pro-T - SOLD

    SOLD! not fully broken in (started TIP). need some extra $. price is $170 shipped. paypal as F&F or add fees. thank you for looking.
  10. chile

    LTB 26oz 18 utrip Baker

    The yellow/purple one. Lemme know. Thanks
  11. chile

    Them special blends, tho

    Got to put some hits on the 52/300 special blends today... Didnt get enough cuts to form a definitive opinion but 2-3 a piece for a couple of rounds gives me the impression that these will be some good game balls and a good pick I said, I didnt get enough cuts with them since I didn't...
  12. chile

    FF4 - what in the actual fork?

    did they hire worth's graphics department?
  13. chile

    GTG Dukesnmbr1

    @Dukesnmbr1 - good deal on a bat. quick shipping. easy peasy.
  14. chile

    LTB 26.5oz JH Z1

    Would prefer the grey Cuz but the "vanilla" 19 will do...Lemme know...grassyass
  15. chile

    GTG Been wheeling and dealing with Committed...BEYOND GTG

    can't say enough good things about @Committed buying/trading/selling...all top notch transactions. Thank you, James.
  16. chile

    was it the first or second batch of the extended 2 that was gtg?

    I can't remember...the blue/silver barrel with the "Easton" and "synergy" outlined in that orangey pink? grassy ass.
  17. chile

    For Sale 28oz 13 AM - let me know

    unsure about # of hits...all solid. no receipts. the 13AM is marked NR. sale only. SOLD 27oz Viper - $220 shipped SOLD SOLD 26oz Diablo - $175 shipped SOLD 28oz 13AM - $175 shipped no trades. paypal as friends and family only. my albums are maxed out...additional pics available...
  18. chile

    ALL SOLD! Thank you.

    these never get swung...and there are more that I plan to unload (MAYBE a 26oz nitrous, 28oz 13 AM...quite possibly my 2 diablos (26 and 27oz) as well) SOLD 18 Nautalai 26.5oz - no receipt. no issues. solid bat. $170 shipped. SOLD SOLD 18 Fab 14 26.5oz - no receipt. only 1 barcode. webbing...
  19. chile

    For Sale SOLD! Demarini ASA DOTD? 26oz 17 juggy, 27oz 18 USA flipper

    SOLD 27oz 18 juggy db44 - 200 cuts or so. Solid. No issues. I believe I have the receipt. $90 shipped SOLD SOLD 26oz 17 asa juggy - unk# hits but solid. No issues. No receipt. $120 shipped SOLD SOLD 27oz 18 USA Flipper. Maybe 150 hits. Solid. No issues. Bought off Amazon so not sure how that...
  20. chile

    so i see the mercy got a new paint job for 2020

    we gonna see something "new" soon?