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  1. Rooster210

    LTB 2018 Worth EST Bal ASA 12.5

    looking for this in a 26. please lmk
  2. Rooster210

    2016 Easton Helmer Flex ASA 26oz
  3. Rooster210

    Custom A2000

    play with a guy who legit has brought maybe 4 different gloves this season, we're in week 6. saw this and wanted to leave here. I asked how many gloves he has, he said well over 30, trying to get a family pic from him....
  4. Rooster210

    *SOLD* Worth Liberty Advanced 12.75 (LA128BT)

    SOLD Looking to sell my glove. Have had it about 3 years. Broken in TIP. Could use a relace and cleaning. Haven’t used it in about a year since I moved to Mizuno. Been in bag with a ball at all times. Not a pancake at all. Good glove just fell for Mizzys. Looking for $50 obo shipped to lower 48...
  5. Rooster210


    26 OZ SYNERGY 98 DUAL STAMP SOLD FOR ASKING TO LOUIE42 - approximately 600 or so hits, has small chip that has been there since I purchased about 5 years ago (shown in pics), still vibrates when dropped. no spiraling, imo still not even broken in. ASA/USSSA/NSA asking 170 obo, shipped, funds...
  6. Rooster210

    J3A Reissue???

    Anyone see this?? Please delete if not allowed.
  7. Rooster210

    Worth Supercell Extreme

    any one have any info on this? says details to be released 9/1, please delete if not allowed.