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  1. MAT25MAT

    Is there any reps on here?

    have some questions. If you could pm me I would appreciate it!
  2. MAT25MAT

    LTB Miken pt balanced 27oz

    Looking for one in good shape to minty. Let me know what you have! Thanks in advanced!
  3. MAT25MAT

    For Trade Monsta fallout, utrip primo, oa connell

    Easton is a 26 very good shape no cracks rattles or webbing probably high ball 200 swings.. miken utrip primo 26oz A few hundred swings no cracks rattles or webbing. monsta is 25oz M2 GONE looking for Asa/USA or 220 miken short barrel utrip. Monsta I would like to trade for a 26oz in the same...
  4. MAT25MAT

    LTB USA flipper

    Looking for 26oz USA flippers let me know what you have please!
  5. MAT25MAT

    For Trade Looking to trade for asa/USA

    Looking for asa monsta fall outs, worth or miken 26 oz bats. No sale price just looking to trade.
  6. MAT25MAT

    Looking for leagues near Waxhaw, NC

    Is there any leagues that play week night or Sunday? I need something better than what I found!! Any help is appreciated! TYIA
  7. MAT25MAT

    LTTF Monsta 26 oz 3500 fall out

    Let me know what you have...
  8. MAT25MAT

    For Trade Some metals

    So last thread was deleted. Have some metals for trade both z cores are 27oz both raw steel bats are 26 one has a slight wave and The c-core 27oz and the tri-shell is 26oz.
  9. MAT25MAT

    Anyone playing in Waxhaw, NC?

    Any decent softball leagues down here?
  10. MAT25MAT

    LTTF Anarchy reaper 26oz utrip

    I have a few to trade, pm me if you have one.....
  11. MAT25MAT

    LTTF Monsta or anarchy

    I have a 26oz Utrip primo less then 100 swings. And an Easton wild fire flex less than 75 swings in a 26.5oz. Looking for asa bats my league just switched!
  12. MAT25MAT

    LTB 26 oz Easton OA Connell

    let me know what you have!! May be able to work out a trade or whatever! Thanks!
  13. MAT25MAT

    LTB 26 oz Easton cartoon

    looking for a 26oz Easton cartoon. Let me know what you have.... thanks in advance
  14. MAT25MAT

    GTG Strom thurman

    smooth trade! Shipped quick, no issues! Everything was as described!
  15. MAT25MAT

    Looking for fire dept. Tournaments or police/fire tournaments for 2013

    I am a member of the FDNY travel softball team, we are looking to play more tournaments this year! Does anyone know of any coming up next season (2013), If so would you be so kind to pass on any contact info or any info for that matter! Thanks in advance!
  16. MAT25MAT

    For Sale Scn8 and scn11bh

    Selling for a buddy who had a injury and will never play again! Both are 27oz the scn11bh in niw $180 obo and scn8 less than 50 swings $210 obo! I can send pics via text if interested pm me.
  17. MAT25MAT

    For Sale Niw 27oz flex scn3

    Looking to sell my niw flex! 27 oz looking for 550 obo.. Paypal only I will have a gtg board bro as a middle man as I haven't been on in a while!! Questions pm me! Thx
  18. MAT25MAT

    yac_23 is gtg!!

    good communication, easy deal!! would definitely deal with him again!!
  19. MAT25MAT

    rme0018 is gtg!!!

    nice easy deal, shipped on time and there was no b.s.... would deal with him again!!!!!
  20. MAT25MAT

    bignasty is definitly gtg!!!!

    i don't know what kind of player he is but he is a great board bro... good communication shipped quick and was a pleasure to deal with!!!