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  1. Hiltz

    new Combat dual stamp

    The knob looks chunkier and rounder than an Easton knob though, it doesn't have that sleek, asymmetric taper. But yeah, I noticed the barrel joint too, it's very Miken/Worth. That said, if these were just repaints of existing models they wouldn't come in 29 and 30oz. I'm still hoping...
  2. Hiltz

    new Combat dual stamp

    "A product of the CE Composites brand, COMBAT entered the baseball and softball worlds in 2004." So are they saying they were originally made by CE Composites in 2004, or that the newly released bats are made by CE Composites? If you zoom in on the pic that shows three sides of the barrel you...
  3. Hiltz

    lol 3 digit temperature.... and ball distance...

    I still see that chart on Demarinis in the local stores, but it's only on older models that haven't sold yet. The numbers climb with scale weight and are noticeably higher on more endloaded models. The only real use for it I can see is comparing two bats with different endloads, ie: seeing how...
  4. Hiltz

    Wood Bats

    The Gray Dots serve a purpose; all the local fields were built before composites existed and have ~260' fences. Even on such small fields, homeruns are rare and are only hit by the guys that should be hitting them.
  5. Hiltz

    Wood Bats

    This is something that gets overlooked. Since a wood bat has no "trampoline" effect, performance is 90% determined by the ball. I play in two leagues, one uses .52/275 Worth Hot Dots and the other uses .40/400 Gray Dots. With the .52/275's I'm hitting homeruns almost as often as I did when it...
  6. Hiltz

    Wood Bats

    That depends more on what the other bats are. If they're sporting goods store cheapies, no doubt; they use garbage wood and the Corndog uses some nice, solid maple. Also the Corndog is pretty consistent in its weight. I've seen garbage wood softball bats range from 23-32 ounces, that's enough to...
  7. Hiltz

    Wood Bats

    Performance-wise, the Corndog is no better than a regular wood bat. Where it beats solid wood is in the durability department. Wood bats generally break at the taper/handle and rarely in the barrel. The composite handle on the Corndog will tolerate balls off the end and taper much better. If...
  8. Hiltz

    Easton Thing

    I've only seen one in person and that one telescoped like an old Worth Mutant.
  9. Hiltz

    Opinions on lacing color

    I'll second this. Every white lace I've ever touched has started out plastic-stiff and quickly gone floppy. They discolour if you look at them funny and they actually smell bad compared to other colours. Coloured laces are generally softer than tan, tan starts out stiffer and stays that way...
  10. Hiltz

    Worst Excuse for No Show

    None of us were touching her, she was laying on the grass behind the dugout moaning about how hungover she was between innings.
  11. Hiltz

    Worst Excuse for No Show

    Girl came to one coed game, then completely disappeared for a year. Cell number went invalid, deleted her FB account, just gone. A little over a year later she contacted us out of the blue. "Sorry I bailed on you guys, I accidentally got pregnant."
  12. Hiltz

    Is wobble and barrel separation bad/normal?

    That rubber piece is literally a decoration. The handle is glued into the barrel just like a Miken/Worth/Demarini and the "Connexion Piece" is just a rubber band used to cover the ugly joint. You can roll it back and see for yourself. If you return a 220 stamp bat all manufacturers are required...
  13. Hiltz

    Bought a used bat... Broken???

    That entirely depends on the balls you hit and whether or not you need to get compression tested. We're entirely .52's here and guys are getting years out of today's more fragile models. If you're playing in the cold with Classic M's it's gonna be a different story.
  14. Hiltz

    Bought a used bat... Broken???

    Are the lines exactly 180* apart? Every Easton I've owned (a lot) has had opposing seams under the grip from the manufacturing process. It looks like they just don't bother cleaning the handle up where it's covered by the grip.
  15. Hiltz


    You guys should move to Canada so you can pay $30-$40 shipping and then get dinged with a $20 customs charge.
  16. Hiltz


    I have two steerhide customs in midnight tan; one is 4 years old and the other I just got this past winter. The older one is noticeably darker and the newer one looks more like yours. I actually thought the same thing as you when I unboxed my new one, that they accidentally gave me light tan...
  17. Hiltz

    Canadian vs US bats

    There were some Canadian exclusive bats that were completely different and they had their own model numbers. The Canadian Catalyst was one of them. For a regular production model (like the Marshburn) it doesn't matter what country you ordered from, they're the same.
  18. Hiltz

    Bat recommendation

    I have a Juno with the stiffer handle option, feels like an older Easton to me. Several of the newer Easton models have a stiffer handle material too. Other than that, there's not much out there for guys who don't like a soft barrel.
  19. Hiltz

    What is your favorite bat of all time?

    Great bat once it gets a little beat up. Stiff to start, just don't give up on it.
  20. Hiltz

    What is your favorite bat of all time?

    You could take a few thousand swings with Blue Dots and Stadiums and that thing will never get good. Hitting .52's won't do a thing to it.