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  1. nissben

    2021 crush 13”

    Any chance anyone here knows where I could still get ahold of one niw? Searched and found the 12” model but I’m used to longer barrel (that’s what she said haha) bats. Any help is much appreciated, thanks guys.
  2. nissben

    Easton Connell or maybe ff1 in general question

    So I have one of those oa Easton Connell bats and it's only the third Easton I ever bought. I've had the L5, the raw power Baker, and this one. It's probably got anywhere between 3-500 cuts on it....yesterday, noticed that its webbing pretty nicely and the end cap is slightly raised... it's hot...
  3. nissben

    2018 nighthawk balanced

    got a couple comin it. Liked the 2017, hoping the tiny tweaks they made to the 2018 did the nh good. I see more reviews on the roboload but not much on the balanced. Hope I didn't buy the wrong one lol. That is all, just wanted to share with my mizzy faithfuls. Crush ri is next bahahahahhaah
  4. nissben

    For Sale 13" spalding pro select kip

    bought as a backup, started break in (just usage, no water dunk) but dont need it anymore. still stiff and lays open on its side. trapeze web. SOLD any questions feel free to ask. [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
  5. nissben

    For Sale couple 26 oz. orange/black crazes

    both probably around 700 hits or so (guesstimate, bought them used so not sure, but based on the barrels and how it felt thats where Im at lol). both bats have your normal field wear, chips and such. no webbing, one has a cracked endcap, but we know that means nothing. the other looks like its...
  6. nissben

    For Sale 28 oz. easton srv1 synergy reveal

    not sure on the amount of hits but barrel and endcap are clean and solid. grip could use a replacing though. old asa/utrip bat, so probably not usable in utrip anymore. 90 f/f or you add fees conus. price is obo, please lmk if i am off. [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]...
  7. nissben

    Price Check What's the latest going rate for an OG tm

    ? Dunno if the prices have changed on them lately, probably about 500 swings. Endcap has no cracks, barrel has no webbing. Still pretty clean. Any help? Thanks
  8. nissben

    LTB Lightly used 26.5 white miken mafia

    Like the title says, looking for a low hit 26.5 Miken mafia. Dunno anything about this bat but I do know it's white lol. Any help would be appreciated . Thanks. Shoot me a pm or text @754-235-1469.
  9. nissben

    For Sale Fse, shadow, and a craze need to go!

    three bats for sale. 26.5 fse blackout, 26.5 blackout shadow, and 26 craze. fse has 200-250 hits tops, shadow i picked up from kdynamite awhile ago and have only put about 10 swings since then (OG fse blackout i have is too hard to put down) 26 oz craze, dont know how many swings, but its...
  10. nissben

    TM blackout batch question

    Is there a difference between the batches? I remember when some of the first batches were being sold with an asking price of >$200. Just wondering if there's a difference, cause I have one otw and wanna know what I'm in for. Haven't had a balanced blackout since forever, wanna give it a try again
  11. nissben

    For Sale 12.75 louisville slugger pro flare

    got this a few weeks ago, used in two games, i consider it somewhat game ready, but it still lays open on its side, and could probably use more breaking in. used TIP. nice glove, very nice leather, but I just cant use it over my wilsons, plus I have a PI coming my way, so this gotta go. its...
  12. nissben

    For Sale 2013 FSE blackout 26.5

    new thread, hopefully more interest. low hits, tight endcap, taped grip. has two small paint chips, no webbing, definitely needs to be broken in. any questions, feel free to lmk. 95 conus gifted or u add fees OR TRADE FOR TAYLORMADE EDITION BLACKOUT IN 26 OZ. IN SIMILAR OR SLIGHTLY WORSE CONDITION
  13. nissben

    LTB rawlings detachable glove band

    anybody have one? milocoman had pmed me a while back saying he had some, i replied, but that was a while ago....yeah...i think i got the hint now that we should call him to reply to his pm's...anyways, dont think he has it anymore, so here we are
  14. nissben

    Shadow updates????

    how have they been treatin you guys? I still banging the old school fse one, so i havent really come around to really breakin in the shadow...any updates? sweetspot? i did hit with it a few times but not nearly enough to break it in, and i (and Im probably the only one) do feel like it has a...
  15. nissben

    Rawlings HOH date Code help

    Looking at a HOH glove and noticed the four letter code said the blackhorse coding it would mean 2313? It's a pro-lite series glove, and it doesn't look like something they came out with last year either...any help?
  16. nissben

    LTB Rawlings glove band? Or whatever they're called

    Looking for one, the detachable band that wraps over the top of the handstall. Rawlings obv. Just got a glove, but the opening is a bit on the bigger side. Want to try this first before getting an extra hole what u have or shoot me a text. 754-235-1469. Thanks for the help
  17. nissben

    XT custom gloves

    any info on them? did a search came up dry...they look pretty decent, and they state that the steerhide is from horween and they also use kip for the x series. pricing isnt that bad not usually one for customs anymore, i stick with my wilsons and teh occasional rawlings, but between...
  18. nissben

    For Sale 26.5 White/Red Fse Blackout

    Unfortunately (or fortunately, whichever) i have too many blackouts, so this ones gotta go...around 200-250 swings. No crack in the endcap, no webbing, couple paint chips. ******100 firm, gifted or add fees conus******** FOR FASTER RESPONSE---7542351469 Any questions and offers, please...
  19. nissben

    LTB 26 oz utrip craze or 26.5 shadow

    Anybody got one they don't want?????? Lsx, I woulda been all over your buddies if it was a 26:bigok:
  20. nissben

    LTB 2014 miken freak 120 maxload 30oz

    Like the title says looking to buy one of thosr...i think i got the year and name right...its the orangey looking one. Preferably in good shape. Thanks all