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    Anyone got a youth catchers mitt, son started kid pitch and needs one
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    Ltb rukus

    Looking for adidas ruckus 12 usssa
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    Wondering if anyone knows what bat that resmondo players are swinging, purple yellow?
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    Looking for wham

    Looking for a 27 oz. Or 28 oz easton wham.
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    Ltb red nautalai

    Looking for one any weight
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    Usssa balance phantom

    Looking for opinions. How does it fair against .44 375 balls? Also going rate for a used one good condition. Thanks in advance
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    Ltb asa anarchy non lc

    Ltb 2 PC non lc anarchy, let me know what's out there
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    Ltb red derby boys

    Looking for red asa derby boys 275
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    Ltb demon

    Anyone moving a demon?
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    Ltb asa anarchy

    Looking for asa demon, viper or lazer 27 oz.
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    Ltb asa anarchy

    Looking for a demon let me know if they still exist
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    Ltb asa anarchy

    Long shot but ltb asa anarchy 27 oz.
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    Ntb demon

    Looking for a 26 or 27 oz. Demon.
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    Price check

    Going rate for 2015 Greg Connell 220 legit 28 oz.
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    Was wondering et ring if anyone knows where I can get 4xl long softball shorts? Thanks in advance
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    Red connell

    Looking for 28 oz red Connell legit
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    LTB 30 oz resmondo

    Looking for 30 oz blue or orange resmondo legit
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    Looking at getting a new blue monsta, does anyone have one and curious to what the 25 oz scales out at
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    Pink z4000+

    Looking to buy a pink z4000+ any weight
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    Anyone know what the rule is as far as half swinging? I always understood it to be the batter must break his wrist to qualify as a swing , if not it is considered binging and the batter is out automatically?