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  1. bronx90210

    For Trade Sold sold Monsta gold handle hype juiced 24oz used

    Looking to trade this USA gold handle monsta hype juiced endloaded bat 24oz. Looking to trade for 26-28oz bats or 14in glove No issues just too light only 20 swings.
  2. bronx90210

    For Sale Sold !!Demarini Nihilist USA asa 28oz used

    No issues for sale $125.00 Shipped. Just not a fan of the demarini bat.20211108_084030 by bronx90210 posted Nov 8, 2021 at 9:00 AM 20211108_084125 by bronx90210 posted Nov 8, 2021 at 8:58 AM 20211108_084017 by bronx90210 posted Nov 8, 2021 at 8:56 AM
  3. bronx90210

    2020 Mach 1 Cobra Jet 428 USA XL

    My 28oz 2020 Mach 1 Cobra Jet 428 USA XL bat .finally saw the field. Finally got a chance to use it only 30 hits in and I am having doubts.. I really thinking about moving this bat. What is your experience with this bat and what have you heard. I am using the clinchers softballs .. so I'm pretty...
  4. bronx90210

    For Sale/Trade SOLD!! 2013 OG Demarini Flipper 28oz $90.00 shipped

    SOLD 2013 OG Demarini Flipper ASA approved softball bat With a new lizard skins grip on it. Sold Looking to sell for $90.00 shipped low hits. F88CD0B1-387F-43C8-976D-5E1044A31C1D by bronx90210 posted Feb 4, 2020 at 7:36 PM 3DE75658-347F-4493-921D-BCCFF32B9CA2 by bronx90210 posted Feb 4, 2020 at...
  5. bronx90210

    For Trade Sold!!!!2017 28oz endloaded Dudley Demolition ASA

    2017 Dudley Demolition ASA Slow Pitch Softball Bat (DDASPE) features a 2 1/4 inch barrel diameter, a tackified bat grip for serious comfort, and an end loaded swing weight. Only looking for ASA bats. I am the original owner. Only 20 swings. B057147C-3628-47BC-BD94-285353C6444B by bronx90210...
  6. bronx90210

    For Sale Vinci BR4600-22 $100.00 SOLD

    Very good condition Vinci BR4600-22 14 inch glove for sale. Kept it around as my backup glove never really used it besides to play catch. In good condition. E6957230-D21E-4F66-B391-121E9D34D932 by bronx90210 posted Aug 6, 2019 at 10:45 AM A64C9036-1D1B-4995-85E9-2FD94D19BA4B by bronx90210...
  7. bronx90210

    Hitting tips

    Hello everyone been using the same batting stance for years. I keep my stance closed so my back I almost completely facing the third baseman that way I don’t pull off the ball. I’m just looking for some advice from you all. Thanks in advance feel free to be criticizing anything you see. Thanks...
  8. bronx90210

    For Sale SOLD!! Used Smash OPS bat back $55.00 SOLD!!!

    used for 1 month maybe 3 times holds 4 bats in great condition. Sold as is i don’t have the two additional bottom hooks so you can attach a glove to the bag while it’s hanging on the fence. All zippers work all hooks work I just can’t keep this bag because I ordered a roller bag so I won’t be...
  9. bronx90210

    2018 Miken FreakZilla Maxload 14″ ASA Have anyone used it

    I was thinking about picking one up can’t find a lot of info on it. What’s your review on it.
  10. bronx90210

    For Sale Sold!!! Sold Miken XL Softball/Baseball Backpack MKBG18-XL

    $55.00 shipped Used for two months decided to get a bigger bag and I needed one. This bag has no issues all zippers and sleeves work fine. I don’t need two bags so my loss is certainly your gain. Message me with any questions. Here’s the description of the bag and yes this is the larger Miken...
  11. bronx90210

    For Sale SOLD!! SOLD!! $110.00 shipped OG dual stamp z2000 27oz used No issues just wear and tear from use

    SOLD! Great bat unknown number of hits. I won’t be using it since winter is coming and I like the 28oz bats better. No issues just wear and tear from being used that bat has pleanty of pop looking to lighten the bat bat bag. This bat is only taking up space so my loss is your gain...
  12. bronx90210

    For Sale SOLD!!! 2016 Miken Freak USA ASA Supermax 28oz

    $120.00 shipped 2016 MIKEN FREAK USA BORDER BATTLE SLOWPITCH SOFTBALL BAT SUPERMAX ASA Used no issues, game ready no receipt this bat has a new 1.1 USA lizard skins grip on it and a knob cuff included. The only reason I’m moving this bat is because I’m dropping down to 27oz endloaded bats now...
  13. bronx90210

    For Sale/Trade Sold Vinci BV1945 used for sale $80.00

    Sold I bought this glove thinking it is a 13.5 in. After measuring it the glove it is a 12.5 this glove is still stiff needs some work to be broken in. This Glove is too small for me my loss is your gain. 83E339E7-E502-43BB-B1A9-D78B6AEEA53C by bronx90210 posted Jul 2, 2018 at 4:37 PM...
  14. bronx90210

    For Sale/Trade Sold !2018 DC 41 asa in mint condition with 1.1 lizard skins grip on it 28oz $200.00 shipped

    This bat was just used it for the first time in batting practice. Just took it out of the wrapper this weekend only 30 hits no receipt as you can see you are getting a bat thats in great shape. I’m going to stick with my worth xxl for now. I’m really looking to sell but will listen to trade...
  15. bronx90210

    For Trade Traded 2018 Easton Ghost 28oz only 50 hits on it

    Great bat but i like bats with more of an endload this bat swings too balanced for me. The knob cuff is not included. ther is a new lizard skins 1.1 and on top of the factory grip. Looking for trades ASA only 27oz to 28oz bats. 397ACF8F-A279-4033-831A-F8B97FA83CD4 by bronx90210 posted Jun 13...
  16. bronx90210

    For Sale SOLD Used 2017 DC 41 asa 28oz $150.00 shipped

    This bat is game ready it’s has 300 hits on it. And it comes with a lizard skins grip. I just don’t like the endload can’t get used to it. My loss is your gain.81912E24-9337-4B36-9540-A3E056AE936A by bronx90210 posted May 24, 2018 at 12:57 PM 134E30B7-4293-4FC2-829B-457312B6B1A8 by bronx90210...
  17. bronx90210

    For Sale Sold!!! Sold!!$80.00 ASA 28 oz Freak 52 100 to 130 swings with a little field wear

    Just not used to that Supermax endload so I have to move this bat. It’s a 28oz Supermax with a new 1.1 lizard skins grip on it. No chips or rattles or pebbles solid power hitter bat. Miken stopped with the Supermax loads this year so this is your chance to get one. My loss is your gain...
  18. bronx90210

    For Sale Sold sold 2016 Combat Flip Washington Mid load 28oz All Association $50.00

    Looking to move a this bat which is all association approved its in great shape needs some more work to be broken in looking to sell $50.00 shipped to your location that bat has a new 1.1 lizard skin grip on it 06622627-DA4B-4B77-A24B-9567F4C5B911 by bronx90210 posted Apr 19, 2018 at 10:55 AM
  19. bronx90210

    For Sale SOLD!! New Nike XXL Swingman dry fit baseball pants 3 pairs $50.00

    three pairs of nike baseball pants 2 with a black stripe 1 with a red stripe looking to sell. $50.00 For all 3 pairs shipped hey it’s brand new never worn only one of them have the tags still on it my loss is your gain any Any questions please ask. 8887FB89-AD79-457C-9E68-38136628E669 by...
  20. bronx90210

    Price Check Combat Red Flip washington bat asa 28oz

    Im trying to get a feel of whats the price point to sell or trade this bat any ideas? The bat is in great shape not even broken in yet it has about 200 hits on it clincher softball. Well you all know it as the mush ball. Its not getting any use so any ideas.