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  1. tmolina

    Looking for a player for Chandler AZ Thursday night D league.

    Looking for a player or two for Chandler AZ Thursday night D league. Message me if interested.
  2. tmolina

    Price check on CF9 34/26

    Price check on hardly used CF9 34/26 in really good condition
  3. tmolina

    A2000 XXL 12.5: glove Price check

    Price check on a A2000 XXL 12.5" Glove great condition.
  4. tmolina

    CF8 review?

    Any CF8 owners out there? Would you please give me some feedback as I am thinking of buying one for my DD, who swings a -10 CF6 currently. Thanks TM
  5. tmolina

    Price check CF7

    Price check on CF7 33" drop 10 end loaded bat in real good shape. Returnable no reciept.
  6. tmolina

    For Sale Hitting Tees

    Fastpitch and baseball hitting tee. height range from 25" to 38" in height... Come in your team color, choose from Red, Blue, Black, Green, White and Yellow. If interested let me know...$35 plus actual shipping cost.
  7. tmolina


    Price check on FP1ST10 33/23 in real good condition.
  8. tmolina

    For Sale CF6 32 22 Paradox

    used, unknown number of hits. No cracks or rattles. Broke in and balls come off this bat hot. CF6 32 22 Paradox $100 OBO paypal as gift. sold as is.
  9. tmolina

    CF6 32/22 price

    Price check on 32/22CF6 black and red. Unknown number of hits. Broke in nice. What a good asking price?
  10. tmolina

    first batch, second batch??

    Is the black endcap first batch and the purple endcap second batch for same model bat, FP11ST10?
  11. tmolina

    price check SSR4B 32/23

    What are SSR4B's going for these days, in good used shape no rattles no wobble.
  12. tmolina

    Calling all fastpitch pitchers-

    Anybody interested in a "Pitchers Break Point?" If so I have one available in really good shape. PM me. Here is a link for more info...
  13. tmolina

    fp11st10 33/23

    Looking for a 33/23 fp11st10. LEt me know what you got.
  14. tmolina

    Help needed with return on FP11ST10

    Whats the current replacement for a FP11ST10? Is it the Mako?
  15. tmolina

    For Sale Boombah original bat pack

    Boombah original bat pack for sale. Orange color and in good used shape with new panel.. $40tyd paypal as gift.
  16. tmolina

    Xeno weight question?

    Do Xeno bats run true to sticker weight like Demarini's? Or do they run heavy like Eastons? If they are heavier how much? Thanks TM
  17. tmolina

    WTB Easton FP11ST10

    WTB Easton FP11ST10 in 33/23 or 32/22. Let me know what you got. Thanks Would trade a brand new A2000 Fastpitch 12.5" glove(black)...Thanks
  18. tmolina

    For Sale Easton S3 SL14S310B Senior League Bat - Youth baseball bat brand new

    Based solely on the notion that speed equals power, the Easton S3 gets an updated look for 2014. Equipped with a THT100™ scandium alloy barrel, the S3 has both an expanded sweet spot and increased durability. One-piece construction amps up this bat's stiffness as well as its performance...
  19. tmolina

    For Sale Slow pitch Tee

    For sale slow pitch tee, range is 35" to 51" adjustable. Cost is $40 plus shipping. Paypal as gift. Right now I am selling them in black. Might add colors if response is good. Base is wider than regular tee and top end height is chest high for someone six foot tall.
  20. tmolina

    baseball bat???

    help needed selling a youth baseball bat online, looking for some kind of forum like this one, any help out there? Thanks