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    LTB 26oz Ritchies Superior

    Looking for old school aluminum... need the brighter green one. Lmk......
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    Old Bridge NJ looking for teams

    looking for teams to join sunday morning league in Old Bridge... pm me for details thanks.
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    Full Dye sub jersey $35 per shirt up to a 2xl, then add $2. per size above that..... Promo Code Styles13 will get you an extra 10% discount on shirts. ADD $50 artwork/setup up fee. these guys made my shirts for my monday night league and didn't let me down........
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    10% off team orders code Styles13
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    For Sale Anderson Aluminum

    beautiful reloaded 27 oz $125 delivered sweet 2005 red and blue 33" rockettech fastpitch $225 delivered both have og grip paypal only... shipped priority mail insured. pic requests by email... paypal and email is [email protected] not interested in trades
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    unusual EST

    just bought an est 85 that differs from the one i have..... this one has Lite in the graffix never saw one like it before.
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    GTG Barney

    he sent bat. i like it. i pay him. we are happy.
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    GTG Meskin24

    got the prototype bag today, thanks.
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    looking for a EST....

    2000 EST9 - lite minus 9oz drop (supercell) - SILVER
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    LTB i need this bat... est9 lite.

    2000 EST9 - lite minus 9oz drop (supercell) - SILVER
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    Petition on bats

    i say we start a petition to make all old school aluminum bats legal after 2013in utrip.... this new stamp crap has to go man......... i love my old school metal. anyone know what policy and proceedures to follow if i want to petition the upper usssa powers that be about this??
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    White sb12 LND 47 cor 375 comp.....

    i need a replacement ball for this years league.... and the future. any suggestions???
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    LTB 30 oz orange 375......

    friend looking for a 30 oz orange 375..... thanks
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    GTG Joker0091

    nice NIW ssest.... sucky columbus day delayed it a day but its here. thanks again.
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    GTG freakazoid

    bat as described, good communication, priority shipping = happy akabigdaddy13 thanks
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    i need this bat

    2000 EST9 - lite minus 9oz drop (supercell) - SILVER here is a link to a picture i took of mine... need more silver est9's !!!
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    LTB 2000 est 9

    NEED a 2000 EST 9 , mine is about to DIE........ All you Old timers ask your friends to go into the dusty closet and find me one or 2.....thanks.
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    GTG Hitts

    great deal on a good shipping. cant say enough good things....thanks
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    GTG cowcrow3024

    bought bat, he shipped it, i got it. thanks
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    GTG Asangapol,Tumblebug and Krunchyfrogg

    thanks for the bats guys all arrived safe and sound.... apppreciate the help.